January 8, 2015

It is unbelievable how much is going on here in Phnom Penh. The ministry here is busy about the Father’s business that’s for sure. Whether it’s the three church services in Phnom Penh every week, the various village ministries, the children’s ministries, the Monday evening Bible Institute, the various soul-winning times, the many different personal discipleship times, and the list could go on, this is a place that is hopping. My wife and I are thankful to be a part of a ministry that keeps expanding for the cause of Christ and yet, at the same time, understands the need to continue to build a more sure foundation.

Please pray that God will continue to use Pacific Baptist Church of Phnom Penh, her many outreach ministries, and the various village ministries to bring the love, life and light of our Lord Jesus Christ to a dark and dreary land!

One of the primary purposes for my being here is to assist in the mentoring of the future leaders here in Cambodia. I am presently meeting weekly with one of the missionaries, just a time of discipleship and mentoring, as we search the scriptures. I am also meeting with three of the national men, who are serving in various capacities of leadership here, and these are also times of discipleship. It is also a joy to rotate going out soul winning with these three nationals. In fact, this past Saturday, Vannak and I had the opportunity to lead a 14-year old to Christ. Meanghuan had been attending the Sunday afternoon Children’s Ministry services for the past five months. I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with her, Vannak interpreted for me, and she turned to and trusted Christ and Christ alone for her salvation. Then she showed up for the Sunday morning service the next day (first time ever)!



Please pray that God will use these various discipleship times with Touch, Vannak, Man, and Kasol to train up some men who will be greatly used to reach their people!

Over the past three weeks it has been heart breaking to see the extreme poverty in this city. Nowhere is this truer than when we make visits at “the sewer.” It is nearly impossible to describe the dire situation that these people live in. As you walk along the pathway along the sewer (the stench is terrible), talk to the people outside, and enter the homes (if that’s what you could call them), your heart is crushed. I can remember about four years ago, when I first visited Cambodia, and had the chance to see the plight of these people, it was one of the many things God used to get me to leave the comforts of America to come to this part of the world. In spite of their dire situation, in spite of their lost condition, the people are friendly and the children are so much fun to be with (especially if you have candy, which I always do). One thing I learned four years ago, and it still stands true today, love is a universal language. Whether or not you speak their language, it doesn’t take them long to see that you love and care for them. Whether it’s leading Meanghuan to Christ, encouraging and praying with an ill grandmother named Da, or encouraging a young lady named Srey Jae, who has been out of church for awhile, or just love on a bunch of poor children, it is an honor and a privilege to minister for Christ in “the sewers.”




Children that live along the sewer

Please pray for Meanghuan to grow in her newfound faith, and that God will use our team here, and the nationals who have been reached in recent years, to share His love to these dear impoverished people, especially the children!

As I have mentioned in previous updates, the ministry here in Phnom Penh reminds me so much of the early days of Cambodian Baptist Church in Long Beach. Cambodian Baptist Church is now known as Pacific Baptist Church, which of course, is our sending church, and the church I served as an assistant pastor for 18 years. Along with the evangelistic zeal, and the willingness to be as creative as possible to reach people for Christ, the great emphasis on the youth is, for me, the most striking characteristic of the ministry here that reminds me of the old CBC. Our ministry here has learned much from my brother’s philosophy to reach and train up the next generation for Christ and the cause of Christ. Whether it is utilizing the young people in areas of ministry such as the Children’s Ministry, soul winning and tract distribution, or in the music program (my wife and I even sang a special with some of the teen girls), the young people here are very involved in ministry and for that we thank God.


The Teens serving in the Afternoon Children’s Ministry


Tuk-Tuk Ministry (ak Bus Ministry)


Teen Choir


My wife and I singing with some of the teen girls

Please pray that we will have the wisdom, the power, and the love to properly train up this next generation for Christ and the cause of Christ!

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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