January 27, 2015

As I mentioned in our last update, I recently began a five-week series called, “If God is Greater (our theme for the year is “God is Greater”), He Deserves Our Greatest Love and Devotion.” Our first two services have been fantastic. The folks have been extremely receptive and responsive to the messages so far. It has been a blessing to see many tears during the messages, to watch the great response to the messages, and to hear from folks afterwards how God is moving in their hearts towards a greater love for God.

Please continue to pray that God will use this series of messages to draw us all closer to Him and create within us the desire to serve Him by loving and serving others!


I have recently started teaching in our Bible institute. I am teaching for nine weeks on “The Beatitudes.” It is always a great joy to teach the Word of God, especially from the Gospels, but it is a special blessing to teach a group of folks who are hungry to learn and live the Word of God.


I am so grateful for a young named Man. Man is a Cham (former Muslim) believer who has been saved for about nine years. He and his wife have a great love for Jesus and are integral parts of the ministry here in Cambodia. He has been such a great blessing to me since my arrival. He is interpreting for me when I teach or preach, while I am discipling Sinath, and even when I share a prayer request or a testimony in prayer meetings and church services.

In the past few weeks a few of us have been visiting a location in the city, which houses two different organizations. One is a French NGO, which provides room and board for over 100 poor young people who come from outside of the city to attend one of the local universities, and the other is an orphanage that houses 130 children from 4 to 20 years old. We are starting to build a relationship with the directors and some of the young people who live on the property. We are praying that God will open the door for future ministry opportunities.

Please pray that God will open a door of opportunity for us to bring the Gospel to these over 200 young people!

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