February 16

It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If this is true the picture of this woman below, who I met while visiting in a village known as Steung Meanchey, speaks volumes. Blind, impoverished, and destitute. That is what this part of the world is and they so desperately need Jesus. While visiting with Brother Adrian in the impoverished area of this village my stomach sickened as I witnessed the poverty, as I have often since arriving in this part of the world.


Elderly blind lady from Steung Meanchey

Adrian is one of my former students at Pacific Baptist School and Pacific Baptist Bible College. He came here to Cambodia with little, or no support. He has been here over two years now. He works full-time at a local school here and gives his heart and time to the ministry in Phnom Penh, and especially to the village known as Steung Meanchey. Just watching him with his “bus kids” and working with the adults was a super blessing.


Adrian with his bus kids from Steung Meanchey


Adrian teaching Grandpa the Bible

Please pray that God would use Adrian and others from Pacific Baptist Church in Phnom Penh to reach this needy area for Christ!

Our “Celebration Service” was glorious, of course, we had a great crowd. Our church in Phnom Penh, along with two of the other village churches, gathered together to worship the Lord, and for the preaching of God’s Word in what we call our “Celebration Service.” We had quite a few visitors, including three young ladies. They are short-term missionaries and they heard about our ministry and decided to visit. It’s always nice to have another English-speaking person attend. We also had eight people baptized. I preached part 4 in my series of messages. The main thought I tried to convey from John chapter 4 was simple. If we love God with all of our heart and we love others as God does, we will be willing to go where others refuse to go, willing to do what others refuse to do, and willing to love those who others refuse to love. There was a great response to the message!


Visiting Missionaries

Please pray that God will use this series of messages to stir us to love Him with all of our hearts, our soul, our mind, and our strength and to love others with His love!

It was exciting to see Meanghuan get baptized during our “Celebration Service.” I have referred to her often in the past few updates. She got saved about 7-8 weeks ago. She has been faithfully attending our morning and afternoon church services, and has even attended a few of our evening services. I am sure you will remember in our last update, she earned a new Bible.


Meanghuan getting baptized

Please continue to pray for Meanghaun to continue to grow in her faith and that God will use her to reach her family and friends!

Immediately after the “Celebration Service” Man and I jumped on a moped and drove 38 kilometers (approximately 25 miles) on some pretty rough roads. We were invited by Phalla, one of the university students, to come and assist him and 12 other students in feeding and caring for the poor. Because of our church service we weren’t able to do that, but we did meet up with them, treated them to lunch, and had a wonderful time spending a couple of hours with them. We are trying to get something going either at the dorms or at our place. They are really great kids, but they need to know Jesus.


Lunch with some university students


The university students

Please pray for God to open a wide door for us to reach out to these university students!

As I have already mentioned, over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to go visiting in a village known as Steung Meanchey. Our team has been working this area for a couple of months now. The poverty in Steung Meanchey is almost unbearable, and the potential seems quite unlimited. There are children and teens all over the place and many of them speak some English. Praise the Lord!  The people are extremely friendly and they are used to foreigners visiting in the village. Apparently, many NGO’s have been there to help the poor in the past, that is one drawback. Unfortunately, when they see a church group come in, especially a “white foreigner” (such as myself), they tend to think we are bringing them something free. Well, in a sense we are, we are bringing them Jesus!


Steung Meanchey Village

Please pray for the ministry in Steung Meanchey!!!

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