August 10, 2015

Our last service in the “Creative Access Nation” was a tremendous blessing. Pastor Dwight Tomlinson preached for us. We had four illegal house churches represented for that Wednesday evening service. The place was packed to overflowing. It is amazing how much potential can be found in those churches. This is especially true in the three house churches that are reaching primarily nationals (one of the churches is a Filipino congregation). There’s just so much potential in this country. Approximately forty percent of the country is under the age of 15. These young people are so much more open to “new ideas” and “new ways” than their parents or grandparents were, and this is good news for the Good News. Every one of the services we were in, including the Wednesday PM “Combined Service,” was (counting the nationals only) somewhere between 90-95 percent under the age of 25. I remember reading a few years ago that this country, at the time, was considered the YOUNGEST NATION IN ASIA. IMG_7557-2

step0001Please pray that many in this country will get a vision for the harvest, especially among the young people!!!

This past Sunday was our “Celebration Service.” Every six weeks or so, all of our different ministries gather together in Phnom Penh to worship Christ and celebrate God’s goodness over the previous six weeks. It is always a great joy to see the folks coming from the different villages and to hear the different groups singing and sharing their testimonies. Of course, the food is always excellent! 🙂

It was nice to have Pastor and Mrs. Tomlinson with us for the service. They flew into the country with us and are with us for just about a week. It was also a blessing to have so many of the folks (I think ten adults) that Vannak and I have been working with from Steung Menchey in the service along with their children. Most of them have never attended our church. In fact, only two of them have ever set their feet inside of a any church service. We also had 18 deaf men and women in the service. Grace is doing a tremendous job. Praise the Lord! And, to add to all of the other blessings, we had twelve new converts baptized, including an elderly, disabled woman.



IMG_7664 (1)-2Please pray that God will continue to bless the many different ministries here in Cambodia!

Today, just before sending this update out, we held our annual Worker’s Training Seminar. We had about forty people in the different sessions.  Of course, not all of our workers were able to make it because of work and school.  A few of those who did come are not pictured below.  Brother Dave Board, Pastor Tomlinson, and I all taught. Pastor Tomlinson taught two sessions that were extremely helpful. Talking about potential. There was definitely a boatload of potential in that room today. There are so many people in Cambodia and the rest of Southeast Asia who need Jesus and if they are going to be reached we absolutely need more laborers.


I recently posted the following words on Instagram and Twitter:

“It never ceases to amaze me, how, on a regular basis (including today), I meet people who have not only not heard the Gospel (that’s a given), but have never heard of Jesus, or if they have, the name ‘Jesus’ means nothing more to them than the name ‘Johnny,’ or ‘Jeff.’”


Please pray for more laborers to come and serve in the 1040 Window!

Thank you for your prayers and your financial support,

Johnny, Denise, Joy and Sue

2 thoughts on “August 10, 2015

  1. Johnny, once again we have been blessed by your update. It is so encouraging to see what God is doing through the ministry in Cambodia!
    Randy and Terri

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