January 1, 2016

My wife and I, along with Joy and Sue, would like to wish all of our family, friends, and faithful supporters a “Happy New Year.” While 2015 was a great year for all of us here in Southeast Asia, we are definitely trusting God for an even greater 2016. And we covet your prayers toward that end!

The day prior to my returning from the “Creative Access” nation our church in Phnom Penh held a special Christmas Play during our “Celebration Service.” While I wasn’t able to be there, Denise, Joy, and Sue were, and they said it was a super blessing. As always, there was a great crowd and more visitors than usual. It was a blessing to hear that many of our teenager’s parents came to see them in the play. I am sure that was a special blessing for them!

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To be blessed, and to see and hear one of the many Christmas specials (“I heard the bells on Christmas Day”) from the service just click the link below.

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day from carrithelight on Vimeo.

Brother Vannak, one of our national leaders, had the privilege to preach for the service. I am sure it was good. He loves the Lord, he loves his people, and he is a great communicator of truth.

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It was good to hear that Phat, who Vannak and I led to Christ about a month ago, and her husband Saman came to the service. Just a few days ago Vannak and I stopped by their house to visit and to our surprise the baby had been born.  When we asked what the baby’s name was they said he was not given a name yet and asked if we would name him.

IMG_2754 (1)

IMG_2753 (1)Please pray that God will bless the seeds that were sown during this special service, pray for Phat’s spiritual growth, and the salvation of her husband!

I returned to the country on Monday afternoon and less than three hours later my wife and I along with sixteen other couples from our church loaded up and went on a Couple’s Christmas Activity. We had a great time with fellow missionaries and with our local people. For them, it was a very special evening, not something they get to do very often. It was good to see the nationals having a good and godly time with their spouse.

IMG_2522 (1)Please pray for our couples and for our families. A Christian home is a totally new concept for these folks, but they are growing in their understanding of it.

After 10 days out of the country, it was a blessing to get back on the streets in Steung Mean Chey.  As I have mentioned in the past, my favorite day of the week is Tuesday. On Tuesdays, we load up in a tuk-tuk at 7:00 AM and head to Steung Mean Chey. Vannak, Sue, and I visited together for about an hour. During this short period of time we were able to share the Gospel with a few folks and even had one 21-year old young man, named Kjav, trust Christ. We also spent about 20-30 minutes with Phat encouraging her in her new faith. Sue and I then went with Man for another hour-and-a half. He wanted me to meet two different men; one a soldier and the other a university professor named Sokreth. I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with both men, with Man interpreting. Neither of them trusted Christ but they were both very open! It was also a real joy to spend some time with Lynn and her mother Jan. Sue has been working with Lynn for awhile now and Lynn attended a service recently, as well as one of our Teen Girl’s Fellowships.

IMG_2536 (1)

IMG_2537 (1) 2

IMG_2539 (1)

IMG_3126 (1)Please pray for Kjav’s spiritual growth and Lee, Sokreth, and Lynn and her mother’s salvation!

On Christmas Eve morning the ladies made omelettes with everything imaginable stuffed inside to go along with biscuits and gravy. It was great! That evening we had a few of the ladies over for an evening meal, while I went out with a couple of the guys. All in all, it was a great way to spend Christmas Eve.

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On Saturday, along with a great day of visiting, we had five college age young men over our house for supper and a few games of UNO. These young men are all lost. Man and I have been working with them over the past few months. They seemed to enjoy the food and learning how to play UNO, and Kosal shared his salvation testimony with them.


On Sunday evening, while sitting in the service, I noticed that one of good our teenage girls named Srey Lech had a picture of my brother’s family in her Bible. A reminder to pray I’m sure. It is a blessing, not only to work with young people who love Jesus, but young people who are also committed to praying for spiritual leaders, even ones they don’t know personally.

IMG_3139 (1)Please continue to pray for my brother (Pastor Joe) and his family!

Again, Denise, Joy, Sue, and I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for your prayers and support!!!

2 thoughts on “January 1, 2016

  1. Great update. Happy New Year!

    Dwight Tomlinson Barnabas1040.com

    “There’s only one thing worse than being lost and that is being lost and having no one trying to find you.”


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