March 11, 2017


IMG_0699The pictures above come from our team, sent out of Pacific Baptist Church, in Thailand. Tom and Sue Sutrick-after retiring in the States-surrendered their lives to go and serve Christ and the Hmong people in the country of Thailand. They are humble servants of the Lord that love Jesus and the Thai people, and God is using them to do a great job. They sure could use your prayers!


It is always good to get reports back from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Of course, my wife and I spent nearly two years serving there alongside of our team. We miss these folks dearly! One of our faithful church members, John Castle, has been there for a few weeks. In fact, he is leaving for the States today. John has been having the time of his life and has not only been blessed, but has been a tremendous blessing while visiting. He’s also finding that serving in Cambodia is just a bit different than serving in the United States.

I am so grateful for all our folks in Cambodia, but especially our Cham men. I had the opportunity to disciple six of them while serving there and go soul winning at least twice a week with either Vannak, Man, or Kosal. One of the highlights of my month was to go out to spend an entire day (12-14 hours) with our Cham folks (soul-winning, lunch, discipleship, and teaching in the Midweek service).

One of the first individuals God used to break my heart, after arriving in Cambodia, was a young lady named Srey Ge. She was saved as a child in our Children’s Ministry in Phnom Penh, but eventually was forced to quit church by her parents. She got away from the Lord and had been out of church for quite sometime. Vannak and I started working with her and her husband (Nak) as soon as my wife and I arrived in Cambodia. We had them over for supper and her husband eventually trusted Christ. They started attending services faithfully until they moved.   Vannak is still doing what he can to keep them on the right path. They could sure use your prayers!

Another hi-light of my week in Cambodia was serving in Steung Meanchey, where we now have a church planted that all started with two years of visiting every week and opening up a Children’s Ministry (pictured below).






Over the past few weeks Denise and I have had the opportunity to be in a few churches in Central and Northern California. It was a real joy to be with Pastor Trudelle and the Faith Baptist Church of Bakersfield. I have been preaching at Faith for at least 12-15 years. Our dear friend, Pastor Joe Grande, started the church about 25 years ago. A few years ago, he left Faith Baptist for Agape Baptist Church in Stockton, Missouri and Pastor Truedelle replaced him in Bakersfield. Pastor Truedelle and his people are doing a tremendous job!


We sure enjoyed being with the First Baptist Church of Mariposa and Pastor Ray Shull. Pastor Shull and his wife served for many years in Cambodia before returning to the States. They have a son who is presently on deputation to go to Cambodia. This is a church and a pastor with a heart for missions and for the persecuted church around the world. I enjoyed teaching combined Sunday School and preaching for the morning service, as well as presenting our burden for the other side of the Pacific.


After heading down the mountain, my wife and I had the opportunity to be with Pastor Bowersock and the Northside Baptist Church family for their Sunday evening service and a time of food, fun, and fellowship. I had the opportunity to preach and present our burden for the 10/40 Window in general and Southeast Asia and China more specifically, as well as a very profitable Q/A time.


My wife and I had the privilege to spend all day with our dear friends, the Silva’s, and the Coast Hills Baptist Church of Santa Maria. Pastor Silva has been pastoring this church for about 30 years. I had the opportunity to teach a combined adult Sunday School class, preach and report in the morning service, and then preach for both the English and Spanish congregations for the evening service. It was a real treat to be able to spend a little time with Nino and Wilson Eng, who are now members at Coast Hills. Both graduated from our high school when I was the school administrator and Wilson graduated from our Bible college while I was still the Vice-President!




While we are in churches in Central and Northern CA my wife and I normally use our daughter Jessica and her husband Joshua’s house for a home base (i.e. a place to stay). They live in Orange Cove, CA. Lots of orange groves. A few days ago, I witnessed something that was a great reminder of our great task at hand. Within just a few hours trees that had been abounding with delicious looking oranges had become barren. Why? Because it was harvest time? And, the harvesters busied themselves with the task at hand. O Lord, may we have this same spirit in the church!


A few days back, I was reading the Prayer Update of a dear friend of ours, missionary serving in the country of China. He and his family are heading to the States for a short furlough. I also went to his website and read the following words:

“This past year the #### experienced some very real trials. There were raids on the church, and the congregation had to go into hiding. At present, they still need to move locations each week, but the lord has kept them safe and as a result, the gospel is still being preached.

As a family, the #### themselves also had to go into hiding. They have settled for now and the Lord has kept them safe! They lost their home in the process, but they were able to stay with various members of the congregation until a new home outside of the city could be procured.”


I will be in Sacramento and Fairfield, CA this weekend, travel all-day on Monday, have an important meeting with Dwight Tomlinson on Tuesday, along with visiting my brother (Pastor Joe), and then head for the East Coast. I will be in four different churches and one Missions’ Conference over a ten-day period before returning to California. We covet your prayers!


  1. Please pray for my upcoming trip to New England and the Missions’ Conference at White Oak Baptist Church.
  2. Please continue to pray for all three of our teams in Southeast Asia [Cambodia, Laos, Thailand].
  3. Please continue to pray for our new Bible college in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 
  4. Please continue to pray that God will open doors for future ministry in China.
  5. Please continue to pray about the recent increase in persecution in China.
  6. Please continue to pray that God will bring an increase from all the seeds that we have been sowing through our preaching, teaching, reporting, and presenting these past few months.
  7. Please pray that God will provide the necessary funds for my wife and I to relocate.
  8. Please pray for my wife’s upcoming surgery.
  9. Please continue to pray for my brother, Pastor Joe, and his wife Mary!

My wife Denise and I want to thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support. As we say often, we could not do what God has called and led us to do without your prayers and without your financial support!

Johnny and Denise

When it comes to the 1040 Window and Unreached and Unengaged People Groups, if we aren’t willing to GO, they aren’t able to KNOW!

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