July 12, 2018


Those who know my brother, Pastor Joe, know him to be a visionary – a man of many dreams for good and for God. Prior to being hospitalized, one of the many dreams within the heart of Pastor Joe was to see our teams in Laos and Thailand work together in the area known as the Golden Triangle (where Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar intersect). The purpose was to train nationals from Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and potentially Myanmar to reach their prospective countries, and eventually reach into Southwest China (Yunnan Province).


Over the past year-and-a half I have had the privilege to work together with our team in Thailand in training Thai and nationals from a “creative access country” on three separate occasions, and it looks like I will be with them again in January.  This week was a special blessing because five of our team members from “the country we currently serve in” joined us for the special meetings of training pastors and church workers. And, it was a tremendous blessing.

Pastor Joe would have been so excited to see what God was doing this week. AND NO DOUBT, PASTOR JOE WOULD HAVE GIVEN US ALL A BIG THUMBS UP!

It really was a wonderful week! We had meetings with their teens on Friday evening, soul winning on Saturday, Sunday services, and three days of teaching sessions and preaching services Monday – Wednesday. Fellow team members from “the country we currently serve in” (Kong, Lillee, and Bounmee) pictured below were a special blessing to the folks we were training.


It was also a blessing to have two of our young men, including my nephew Ben (Pastor Joe’s son), from Pacific Baptist Church of Long Beach spend a week with us in “the country we currently serve in” and another week with us in Thailand.  They fit in real well, especially in Thailand. They were great with the kids, and Ben even won and adult man to Christ!




One of the many blessings of the week was this couple below. He’s a pastor and the two of them rode a motor bike 16 hours one way to spend the week with us. Much of their time traveling was in the rain too. Now that’s what I call hungry for the word!


It’s always a blessing to be able to spend time teaching and fellowshipping with pastors and missionaries. It’s a special privilege and joy to be able to spend time with the men pictured below. They pastor in very difficult places, and have to deal with extremely difficult situations, but they do it with the joy of Christ. One of these men actually pastors seven churches. Imagine that!



  1. Please pray that we have the love, power, and wisdom of God as we continue to serve in this part of the world!
  2. Please pray for our full-time Bible college students (Kong, Jui, Cher Chou, Ken, Lamphan, Bounmee, Lilee, and Pachu) to continue to grow in their faith, their love for Christ and others, and their dedication for the cause of Christ!
  3. Please pray for our two village ministries to continue to reach new people and grow the people that they have!
  4. Please pray for our upcoming Ladies’ Fellowship in Thailand (August 13-14)!
  5. Please pray for my upcoming meetings in Hainan, China at the end of August!
  6. Please pray for our English School’s Fall registration, which begins in the middle of August!
  7. Please pray about a possible move our English school might make in the near future!

As always, my wife and I want to thank you for your continual prayers and financial support for the ministry here in Asia. God has blessed in so many ways, and He has used you to be a great part of the blessing!

Johnny and Denise

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

4 thoughts on “July 12, 2018

  1. Wow, another incredible letter! I continually rejoice and thank God for you and Denise and how you allow God to use you.


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