November 19, 2018


My wife and I, along with the rest of our Team here in this “Creative Access” Nation, and the locals want to wish you all on the other side of the Pacific a Happy Thanksgiving!

Denise and I are so grateful for so many open doors and opportunities to be able to serve and share the love of Christ and God’s Word in this country where Buddhism (62% of the population) and Animism (34% of the population) are dominant. Whether it is our Church Services in one of three different locations, our Small Groups, Discipleship Groups, teaching the children and teens English and the Bible in one of the villages, our English School, Hospitality Ministry, Special Activities (like Sunday Night Volleyball), or our School of Ministry, we have been blessed beyond measure with many wonderful opportunities for service. We are ever mindful that none of this would be possible, but by God’s grace and your generosity!


Every month or two we have the privilege of hosting a special Midweek service with a dear friend of ours and faithful servant of God from Thailand. Pastor Pradit was reached over 30 years ago by another Thai man who was reached by our missionary friend Philip Pope. He has now been pastoring for 25 years and has had a great influence over many, not only in Thailand, but also in the “Creative Access” Nation where we are presently serving. It’s always a pleasure to have him and a few of the folks from his church in Nakhon Phanom, as well as some of the Bible college students from UdonThani, Thailand. The worship, fellowship, preaching, and food is always great. We thank God for Pastor Pradit and his ministry, and of course, we thank God for missionaries like Philip Pope who left all to come to Southeast Asia to bring the light where it is so dark!IMG_5423PLEASE PRAY FOR BELIEVERS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE MEKONG RIVER TO BE A LIGHT IN THE MIDST OF THE DARKNESS IN THESE TWO COUNTRIES!

Every year our English School uses the American holiday of Thanksgiving to introduce our students to “Western Culture” and the meaning of Thanksgiving, as well as an opportunity to have food, fun, and fellowship with the young people. In other words, it is a really good opportunity to teach our Buddhist students why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving and about the God of all blessings. As it always is, it was a great time of bonding with the students, lots of good food and fellowship, and, above all else, a chance to introduce our Buddhist students to the God of all blessings and the God of Thanksgiving!IMG_5675IMG_5816PLEASE PRAY FOR SEEDS THAT WERE SOWN TO BRING FORTH FRUIT OF EVERLASTING LIFE!

It was a blessing to have Quamsay and Bpom and their children over our house recently for a wonderful meal and some fun. They work seven days a week and have little free time to themselves. They always look forward to coming over. We have known them now for about six years. We have had them over our house on quite a few occasions, have shared the Gospel with them, given them tracts and Christian literature in the past. On this past visit, we were able to talk to them about the differences between Buddhism and Christianity and share the Good News of Jesus with them. We also sent them home with a few Gospel tracts and an invitation for learning more about Jesus!IMG_5794PLEASE PRAY FOR QUAMSAY, BPOM AND THEIR CHILDREN TO COME TO A SAVING KNOWLEDGE OF THE LORD JESUS!

This past Sunday was a bit different than our normal Lord’s Day over here. Just a few minutes prior to leaving for the facility where our church family gathers all the electricity went out. Nothing unusual about that, but as I walked outside I smelled and saw smoke. In just a few moments, I saw people from all directions running towards the smoke. A house two doors from where we live was on fire. Within a few moments a fire truck showed up (nothing like the modern fire trucks we are used to in America). To make a long story short, three houses burned down and our village was thrown into a state of chaos. While we had no electricity (fans or AC), could not sing the songs of Zion for security reasons, we still gathered together to worship the Unshaken King of glory and we all rejoiced in the grace of God. God moved in the service!IMG_5818PLEASE PRAY THE FAMILIES THAT LOST MUCH, IF NOT EVERYTHING, IN THE FIRE!


  • Please continue to pray that we will have the love, wisdom, and power of God in our lives and flowing through our ministries.
  • Please continue to pray for our two village ministries and the ministry here in the capital city.
  • Please continue to pray for our School of Ministry (Bible College).
  • Please pray for our new Midweek Bible Study for teens. Please pray for our new Saturday English classes in the capital city.
  • Please pray for our upcoming School of Ministry Intensives to be taught by two missionaries from the Ukraine and Cambodia. 
  • Please pray for our Missions’ Conference next week.

My wife and Denise I want to thank you for your prayers, financial support, and friendship. As we try to mention in every update, all that we are privileged to do is by the grace of God and the generosity of God’s people.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Johnny and Denise


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