February 2023

The picture above is me with our Bible students and two of our graduates that are now pastoring. Our ten-day ministry trip back “home” to Laos was wonderful. Both Denise and I had a wonderful time preaching (actually, I did the preaching), teaching, and counseling, as well as a lot of tremendous food and fellowship with our dear friends and fellow laborers.

I had the opportunity to teach our Bible students for 24 hours on this trip, as well as preach a combined service, preach for three different churches, including an Anniversary Service of our long-time, dear friend and fellow-laborer, Pastor “K.”

One of the hi-lights of the trip was Denise and I treating five pastor friends (four of them men that I had the opportunity to teach as Bible students) and their wives to a very nice meal. In addition to this, Denise and I had lunch or dinner dates with a handful of others – including our Bible students.

While we were in the country on this trip, we were only there for one Sunday. Two of the churches had a total of six saved and fourteen baptized on that one Sunday. Unfortunately, I could only be in one place at a time.



*Please pray for our new Friday Teen Nights

*Please pray for our new Sunday Afternoon Program

*Please pray for our upcoming Annual Outreach at Puchi Fa

*Please pray for our upcoming Pastors’ and Church Leaders’ Conference

As always, Denise and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read our Prayer Update, for supporting us financially and with your prayers.

We appreciate your friendship and your support!

Your Missionaries in Southeast Asia,

Johnny and Denise

2 thoughts on “February 2023

    • Thank you for taking the time to read the update, for the kind words, and for your investment in our ministry and their their ministries. We love and appreciate you and Gayle. Sorry for the late reply. Apparently, I forgot to click send. 🙂

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