March 2013 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

Greetings in HIS precious name! We said our final goodbyes to our ch-rch family, children, and grandchildren and left on March 14th. My wife and I have been in Cambodia for the past two weeks. What a joy it has been to work alongside the team sent out of Pacific Baptist Church of Long Beach these past two weeks.

We have been invloved with their mother ch-rch in Phnom Penh. WOW! G-d is doing a great work there. We also had the opportunity to either speak, work in, or witness the works in one of their two village ch-rches and another village children’s ministry started by the team, as well as their large Sunday afternoon Children’s M-n-stry in the city itself!

Embracing Obscurity” is something that has recently been burned in deep within my heart. On April 1st -yes, April Fools Day–my wife and I fly to a restricted nation as “fools for our Friend,” and for the furtherance of the Gospel!

For G-d’s glory and for the good of a people who are steeped in darkness, we must now “embrace obscurity.” We now must embrace the spirit of John the B-pt-st, who once said, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (JN 3:30).


  • Please pr-y for our visa situation.
  • Please pr-y for our transition as we begin to learn the Culture, Language, And their Worldview (CLAW) of our new friends in this country.
  • Please pray that G-d will use us to reach and disciple nationals, and that G-d will use us to be a springboard for the advancment of HIS work in this needy nation.
  • Please pray that G-d will give us wisdom, discernment, and Spirit-led creativity as “fishers of men.”

I have been invited to go to a neighboring country to be one of the speakers for a three-day conference for pastors, workers, and other nationals. Humbled by, and looking forward to the opportunity to be a blessing, as well as meeting other brothers and sisters in Chr-st in this part of the world.

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