May 1, 2014


Greetings in the precious name of J’s’s! I just finished pr’’ching for a few days at a conference in a neighboring country and thus thought it would be a good time to shoot off a pr’y’r letter.  My wife and I are extremely grateful for your pr’y’rs, your encouragement, and your financial support!

After spending 16 wonderful days with our team in Phnom Penh, Cambodia we flew to our destination. The country where G’d has now placed us is a “restricted nation.” Thankfully G’d is never “restricted”!

While the poverty here is not quite as severe as Cambodia, it’s still heartbreaking. Talking to a few nationals recently, they all work six days a week, anywhere between 10-12 hours a day, and they make $100 per month. I think that comes to about .35 cents an hour!

We have been here over two weeks, and have spent most of our time getting “a feel” of things, meeting different believers, working on building a bond with our team here, sitting in on different ESL classes that our team members are teaching, and looking for a new location for our school, as well as for a place for my wife and I to live.  We have now been in a hotel for over a month. We are also trying to get my visa situation settled. Please pr’y with and for us concerning this matter!

The young man pictured with me above recently told me he wants to learn English so he could learn the B’bl’ from me. Pr’y that I learn his language! He wants to start a ch’rch in a village in this country!

Just recently talked to a “friend” here, who said he attended a school with over 2,000 students, and to his knowledge there were only 5-6 “friends” in the entire school. That sounds about right. I think that comes to just under .03%.  I was also just told by a m’ss’on’ry that a province of 350,000 that we recently visited had only 350 “professing” “friends.” That’s one for every thousand people! Two other brothers shared with us how difficult it is to share the Good News here in this country. If caught, you could go to jail. Pr’y for G’d’s Word to spread here!

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