December 20, 2014

Our last two days in the “restricted” nation were blessed beyond measure. On Saturday morning I went out to “the farm” where one of the national pastors that we are working with, and have been since our days leading the team here, has been in the process of building a church/college/dorms for the past couple of years. They have run out of money, so the building has stopped for now. If you are interested in helping them please do let me know. Below you will see pictures of the small hut where the college students spend 16 hours per week learning the Bible, a picture of the college “dorm” room, and a picture of the building itself.

Please pray for the necessary funds to come in for these men to complete the project and that God will continue to use them as they train men for the work of the ministry!



IMG_2401 (1)

On Saturday morning, we had a great time of fellowship with Koumaly and Darath Thongdy. Now that we are out of the country they are heading up our team sent out of Pacific Baptist Church. They are doing a good job, and we thank God for their faithfulness to our Lord. On Saturday evening we had a wonderful time with two missionary couples and two national pastors.

Please pray that God will use these pastors, missionaries, and their wives to make a spiritual dent in this country!


On Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to once again preach for Pastor Aaron and the Filipino congregation, and this time it was for their 12th anniversary. Praise God for faithful servants of God. I preached from Philippians chapter one a message, “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.”  We had people from nine different nations [Laos, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Romania, Switzerland, South Africa, and the United States] in this service.

On Sunday evening, we went out of the city limits and I had the privilege to preach for three different and distinct churches, including our team, in one location. Over forty people showed up. I preached a message on “Hindrances to Following Christ.” It was great! We had a wonderful time of fellowship before and after the service, and a great meal afterwards.  My wife and I love these folks dearly and are going to miss them much. We are hoping to get back to the country in a few months.


Please pray for all of the men and women in this “restricted” nation who are faithfully serving Christ and others, in spite of the many restrictions and difficulties!

On a more personal note, while we were in the “restricted” nation one of our granddaughters, Hannah Aquino, was rushed to the hospital. Hannah is our four-year old autistic princess. We are glad to know that she is now all right, and we want to thank many of you for your prayers. Also, some have asked how her little brother Sammy is doing and, thank you for asking. Sammy is our three-year old grandson who has two cysts on his brain. As of right now, Sammy is doing fairly well. They continue to test him, occasionally changing his meds, and monitoring his progress regularly. While he is surely not out of the dark, he does seem to be improving.

Please continue to pray for Sammy, Hannah, and their parents!

My wife and I want to wish all of our family, friends and faithful supporters and prayer warriors a very Merry Christmas!!!

December 14, 2014

After returning from a busy few days in Thailand, things really started moving for us in the “restricted” nation. I had, or will have, the opportunity to preach and/or teach 23 different times in four different churches, a small Bible college, as well as teach for another seven young men (not the college students). At least five of these men are preparing for the ministry, future pastors every one of them.

On Sunday morning, December 7, it was a privilege to preach for a Filipino congregation that I had the opportunity to preach for every Sunday morning when I was here in the country for 15 months. I opened a four-day meeting preaching from 2 Corinthians 11:1-3 and Philippians 3:7-14 on “A Simple Devotion to Christ.” On Monday and Tuesday PM I preached parts two and three.


Filipino Congregation


Please pray for Pastor Aaron and the Filipino congregation that God will continue to use them to lovingly serve alongside the nationals in this country!

Also, on Sunday morning I had the wonderful privilege to preach for another church of nationals. This is a church that we worked very closely with while we were in the country before. I preached from Philippians 3:10 on the topic of  “Having a Passion for Jesus and Jesus Alone.” Monday-Wednesday morning from 8:30 – 12:00 I taught three national pastors and 4 future pastors in a small Bible college run by the same church.



Small Bible College

Please pray for this pastor, his church, the college, and the unlimited potential of these men in reaching their people!

On Sunday evening, I attended the service (for security purposes we chose not to have me preach) of one of the young men we worked with prior to leaving the country. His church is about 30-40 minutes outside of the city and is doing very well. We are grateful for the support he is receiving from, a new ministry of Liberty Baptist Church (Pastor Dwight Tomlinson).


Village House Church


Please pray for this pastor, the church, and for their future outreach, not only in their village, but also to the surrounding villages!

One Wednesday evening we had a “packed house” (literally). I believe there were missionaries, pastors, and members representing seven or eight churches in attendance. I think there were at least seven different people groups in attendance. My wife and I were the only non-Asians there. I taught from many different passages in a message called, “As the Father hath sent me, so send I you” (JN 20:21; MATT 4:18-22; 28:18-20; 2 TIM 2:2). In a nutshell, the message was primarily an encouragement to follow in our Lord’s (and Paul’s) footsteps and to disciple others.


Combined Service

Please pray that God will inspire many who sat in this service to give their lives to Christ, the cause of Christ, and discipling others! 

On Thursday and Friday morning I spent three hours each day teaching 7 young men; one is 35 years old, but that’s young to me. Five of these young men are preparing for the ministry. These five young men were reached by the “apostle Paul” in this country, who God has used to reach many people for Christ and plant 27 churches in his province. He was the first believer among his people group in his province. He was saved 14 years ago, and today there are somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 believers and 27 churches. Not bad for 14 years of journeying with Jesus!


Khmu brothers

Please pray that God will use these five men greatly to reach the Khmu people in this country and throughout Southeast Asia!

One of the most difficult aspects of being in this part of the world, especially this time of the year, is that we sure do miss our grandchildren. We miss them so very much. We are grateful to God for the many “adopted” grandchildren we have in this country. Here’s a few of them. Every time these girls see us coming they start jumping up and down. They know grandpa and grandma will have some snacks for them. Isn’t that what grandparents are for? 🙂


A few of our adopted grandchildren

December 7, 2014

On Tuesday evening, December 2, my wife and I arrived in the “restricted” nation in which we served for 15 months. What a joy and blessing it was to be back in the country we love dearly and to be around folks that our hearts had been bonded to during that 15 months. On Wednesday evening, Denise and I sat in on a few of the English classes. For those of you who may have forgot, or did not know, the purpose for our starting the school was two-fold: (1) to give us a legitimate reason for being in a country where no missionaries are allowed, (2) to build relationships with folks enabling us to eventually lead them to Christ.


English Class

IMG_3878 (1)

English Class


Class Fellowship

Please pray for our team’s attempt to get the school registered and future opportunities for the school to grow!

Immediately after sitting in the classes, I had the wonderful privilege to teach the mid-week Bible study. Oh, what a joy it was to hear them sing unto the Lord in their language and to witness two different specials prior to my teaching. I taught a lesson “Following the Call of Jesus, Part One” from Matthew 4:18-22 & 9:9-10. The primary emphasis was simply that Jesus is still looking for some men and women who are willing to leave their father, their family, their friends, their future ambitions, their financial security, and all that is familiar to them to follow Jesus wherever he leads. It was a special joy to see a young man named Jui, who was saved about two weeks before we left the country, not only in the service, interpreting for me, and closing in prayer, but growing in his faith.


Special for Service


Second Special for Service


Jui interpreting for me as I teach

Please pray for Jui, Lune and Lillee to continue to grow in their faith!

On Thursday, our team, and my wife and I crossed the border into Thailand. On Thursday and Friday I had the privilege to preach twice for a Men’s Meeting. There were six different churches from two different countries in attendance. I had the opportunity to preach two messages from JN 14:11-18 (theme verse of the Men’s Meeting was JN 14:12). My messages were, “Doing the Works of Jesus” and “Greater Works than these Shall You Do.” Seems to have been a good response for both messages!


Bible Drill at Camp Meeting


Camp Meeting


Special at Camp Meeting

Please pray for the seeds that were planted, during this meeting, and that God will use all of us to do “Greater Works” for His glory!

December 1, 2014

This past week was a busy one. On Wednesday I had the privilege to preach in chapel for the missionary children and teens. Missionaries (Steven Benefield, Kounnaro Keo, and Rodney Ruppell) from three different churches in Phnom Penh, and the surrounding area, in addition to the missionaries from our team, have their young people in the chapel service every Wednesday. Some of the church members of Pacific Baptist Phnom Penh, who speak English, also attend the chapel service. We also had a great service Wednesday evening. The place was packed and it was good to see our newfound friend Mora, who works at Coffee Bean, show up for the service.



Please Pray for Mora’s spiritual growth and for the salvation of her co-workers, including Naren.

On Thanksgiving Day, Denise and I had the opportunity to have a nice meal with Brother Dave Board and his family. Mrs. Board made a wonderful meal and we had a great time of fellowship. My wife and I have so much to be thankful for, so very much. While, for the most part, they don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving here in Cambodia, there are those who have been influenced by the missionaries, and do so. Below you will see a picture of two of the good young men of Pacific Baptist Church here in Phnom Penh getting their turkey ready.  Being a city boy from the USA, I had no idea turkey’s had feathers! 🙂


Mr. Turkey

On Saturday, my wife and I had a chance to go out soul winning with the church family. It is always such an eye-opener for those of us from America to walk the streets of Phnom Penh and to enter the “homes” of the folks who call this home. They are dear people. They are hospitable people. They are fun people. Yet, they are a people who live in dire poverty-both physical and spiritual. I had the opportunity to go out with Man (pronounced Mon) and Veasna, while my wife had the chance to go out with Samantha. Of course, not knowing the language, I was the silent partner. We met a young lady (20 years old) named Lote. She was very interested in knowing more about Jesus and the Bible. Man’s wife later went by and spent about two hours with her. From what I hear, she had lots of questions. Saturday afternoon also included a men’s and teen boy’s prayer meeting, just like back home. Good crowd of men and teens there to share blessings and pray for God’s intervention in their lives, the lives of others, and for the ministry. Below are a few pictures I took while visiting.

Please pray for Lote’s salvation!


Out Soulwinning


Sunday was a very busy and blessed day. The day started with the morning service (8:00 – 10:00 AM), then the Children’s Ministry (10:45- 12:00 PM). It was good to see Mora, from Coffee Bean, show up for the service again on Sunday. A short break and then out to another village for a time of canvassing and soul winning (1:00 – 2:30 PM). I even had the opportunity to share the Gospel with an adult man named Sok-Lee. Oh, yes, someone interpreted for me.  While Sok-Lee did not get saved, he listened very attentively and also took two different Gospel tracts from us. There was a great crowd and a great spirit in the evening service (5:30 – 7:30 PM). As I have mentioned previously, the ministry here so much reminds me of our old days in Long Beach when Pacific Baptist Church was known as Cambodian Baptist Church. We have so many young people here who have a love for the Lord, for His Word, and for His work. It appears that many of them are adopting us at their grandparents. I guess that’s what happens when you are our age. This is the next generation!

Please pray for these young people to continue to grow in their faith and their commitment to Christ!


Afternoon Children’s Ministry


Girls at the Evening Service

Thank you for your prayers.

November 27, 2014

Our first weekend here was such a blessing; being able to, once again, be a part of the services here in Phnom Penh was exhilarating. What a joy to see so many, especially young people, coming with a hunger for the Lord and His Word. The ministry here reminds me so much of the early days at Pacific Baptist Church when she was known as Cambodian Baptist Church. Thankful for the great work that was started in Long Beach over 26 years ago by my brother that has extended into three different countries in Southeast Asia with plans to one day go to China.



Please pray for God to use us in Cambodia, even as we are adjusting and adapting to a new country and culture!

One ministry that we are seriously pondering and praying about is reaching the young college age students here in Phnom Penh. There’s a boatload of them. There are two things that many of these young people have in common. They want a better life than their parents had and they want to learn English. May God use us to bring them the love of Jesus, salvation, and, a better life than they might have had outside of Christ. Please pray with us to have the wisdom and creativity to reach these dear young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His love. Dave and Debbie Board and my wife and I spent a couple hours at a coffee shop with Mora, who recently trusted Christ, and a few of the other employees. We had a great time and see so much potential!


Being “back in the saddle again,” here in Southeast Asia and the 1040 Window, I am once again reminded of the great need for more laborers who are willing to leave the comforts and conveniences of America to bring the life, the love, and the light of Jesus Christ to such a dark part of the world. You can’t walk down the streets or drive down the roads without having your heart touched by the great need. Seeing both the physical and spiritual poverty that is just a way of life here is gut wrenching. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to see the various brief videos on our site I encourage you to do so.

 Please pray for more laborers for Cambodia and the other 68 countries in the 1040 Window!

 As we mentioned in our previous update, the next five weeks will be very busy, with my wife and I travelling much. After taking these first few days trying to get somewhat settled down in Cambodia, we are flying into the “restricted” nation in which we served. Along with getting together with the team we led for 15 months, we will be preaching for three different congregations and teaching some. We will also be going into Thailand and be preaching twice for a two day meeting with four or five different churches from two countries. From there we will fly into Bangkok and our three teams, sent out of Pacific, will be getting together for a few days of teaching and training. We sincerely covet your prayers!

Please pray for God to use these different opportunities to exalt Christ and edify His church in these countries!

November 22, 2014

Well, after spending a few months here in the states reporting what God has done, as well as the next step in our journey with Jesus, we are back in Southeast Asia. We arrived yesterday and are gearing up for the next step. Exciting!

Please pray for God to use us in Cambodia, even as we are adjusting and adapting to a new country and culture!

Our time in the states was a blessing. We had the chance to spend time with the family, including our fourteen grandchildren. Saying goodbye, as always, especially with family, was difficult, but it is good to be “back in the saddle again” and on the field. While in the states we had the opportunity to be in so many churches. I think, as of my last count, over 40 different churches. I had the opportunity to preach and teach every week somewhere in America. The journey continues and we are excited!

Please pray that the many folks who we were able to preach or teach for, as well as the many who we sat down with and counseled will seek the Person of Christ and the purpose of Christ, especially in regards to worldwide missions!


Part of the Family enjoying Fall.


The ladies of the Family

The day before leaving the country, as I did on a regular basis while in the area, I visited with my brother (Pastor Joe Esposito). It was a great visit, he was very responsive. Thank you for praying for him, his wife, and the kids. You can check Mary’s update concerning that visit by clicking on the link to your right “Pray for Pastor.”

Please continue to pray for my brother, his family and Pacific Baptist Church!

The next few weeks will be very busy, with much traveling. My wife and I will take a few days to try to get somewhat settled down in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and then we will fly into the “restricted” nation in which we served. Along with getting together with the team we led for 15 months, we will be preaching for four different congregations and teaching some. We will also be going to Thailand and be preaching twice for a two day Men’s Meeting with four or five different churches from two countries. From there, we will fly into Bangkok, and our three teams sent out of Pacific will be getting together for a few days of teaching and training.

Please pray for God to use these different opportunities to exalt Christ and edify His church in these countries!

I just wanted to take a moment here to thank all of our family and friends for your faithful prayers and financial support. My wife and I are debtors, not only to the Lord Jesus Christ but to you. Thank you for being concerned with us for a lost and dying world and, above all, for loving the Lord Jesus enough to be a part of His worldwide cause, especially in the 1040 Window!

November 12, 2014

Dear Praying Friends

In one week my wife and I will be heading back to Southeast Asia! While our first tour was spent in a needy and “restricted” nation, our next phase in our journey with Jesus in the 1040 Window will be assisting our team in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We are extremely excited about the opportunity and the privilege to do so. We are looking forward to being in the midst of what God has, is, and will be doing in the country of Cambodia. God has done some very special things in Phnom Penh over the past few years, and for this we are grateful.

Please pray that my wife and I get adjusted quickly to the country and the culture, as well as the work in Phnom Penh!

While here in the states, it was our privilege to be in over 40 churches–most of these were supporting churches–a few missions’ conferences, and we had the opportunity, not only to report what God is doing in and through our lives, but what He is doing, and what He desires to do in Southeast Asia, and possibly China in the near or distant future through the various teams sent out of Pacific Baptist Church. It has been a joy to talk to so many folks whom God has been stirring their hearts about the 1040 Window in general and Southeast Asia and China more specifically. I just received this email the other day. What a joy to hear things such as this:

Mr. and Mrs. Esposito,

I cannot say thank you enough for the impact you have had on my life. I am a student at West Coast and have spoken with you while you were here both times. Yesterday, I committed to teaching overseas in the 10/40 Window and wanted to let you know. There will be one more laborer over there soon. China or bust!


Please pray for Kim and the countless others whom God has stirred about worldwide missions and the 1040 Window!

While in the states one of the blessings (bittersweet) was the opportunity to be able to visit frequently with my brother (Pastor Joe Esposito), who has now been hospitalized for over 13 months. I visited with him just about every day, but Sundays when in Southern California. Below you will see a picture of my younger brother Jimmy, my brother Pastor Joe, and me together recently.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Joe Esposito, his wife Mary, his children and grandchildren, as well as the Pacific Baptist Church family!


This past Sunday was a great day. I had the opportunity to teach in my nephew’s adult Sunday school class. My lesson was on suffering. There are many in his class, including him and his mother, who have suffered much in recent days. Afterwards, I had the chance to preach in our Khmer ministry’s service. This is always a treat, they are fantastic people. On Sunday evening I preached a message, “Why China?” It was the last time I will preach at Pacific Baptist and try to encourage and challenge the church family to “Keep the Dream Alive.”  I think I can honestly say that hundreds responded to the invitation with 20 or more saying they were willing to “GO” if God would allow them.

Please pray that Pacific Baptist Church will continue to be a sending agency for Southeast Asia and, Lord willing, in the future for China and other countries in the 1040 Window! 


November 1, 2014

Dear Praying Friends

My wife and I had the pleasure of attending the Missions’ Conference at Lancaster Baptist Church the last week of October. What a great experience it was to be with our friends Pastor Paul Chappell and his wife, their staff, their church family, the schools, and the college. There is a missions’ fervor in Lancaster that is seldom seen, and for this, we are grateful. I was so thrilled to talk to so many of the college students who have felt the tug of God, not only to go to the mission field, but to different areas in the 1040 Window. I had three different WCBC students (two young men and one young lady) who came up to me and said that God had used our time with LBC two years ago to stir their hearts to go to the 1040 Window. Praise The Lord! I also had the opportunity to spend much time with a young man named Phillip whose family is from the “restricted” nation in which my wife and I served for 15 months. We were so pleased to hear that God is leading him to go back to that country to serve.

Please pray for the many young people in Bible Colleges all over America who God is stirring to go to “the uttermost parts of the earth,” especially the 1040 Window!

In less than three weeks, my wife and I will be boarding a plane and returning to Southeast Asia. We are looking forward to getting back on the field, and praying that God will use us. We are looking forward to working alongside our team in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and to continue to work indirectly with the dear folks in the “restricted” nation in which we served. Two weeks after flying into Cambodia, I will fly back into that “restricted” nation and spend about two weeks with them preaching and teaching. Can’t wait to get back on the field!

Please pray for my wife and I as we adjust to a new country, a new people, and a new work!


October 20

We spent the whole day, October 12, with the New Testament Baptist Church in Hartford, CT (Pastor Stoddard). We had a great time  with these dear folks. My wife and I flew back into California on Monday, October 13. On Tuesday and Wednesday I had the awesome privilege to attend the Missions’ Conference at Liberty Baptist Church in Newport Beach (Pastor Dwight Tomlinson).  My wife and I are so excited for our youngest daughter Joy.  Lord willing, she will be leaving for Cambodia at the end of January or early February. Although she is not going on deputation, she is prayerfully seeking some financial support. To my knowledge there are three churches and a couple of individuals who have pledged their support. Joy had the privilege to be a part of the Missions’ Conference at Liberty Baptist Church in Newport Beach, CA. It was so thrilling to be able to attend some of the conference with her. How much better does it get than this? Our youngest– a part of a missions’ conference! Even more exciting to know that she is following the Lord’s leading to Southeast Asia. If you are interested in supporting her, even for the smallest amounts (little is much when God is in it), please do let us know. Check out this brief video below. You will be blessed:

Please pray for Joanna Joy Esposito as she gets ready to journey with Jesus in Southeast Asia!


Immediately after spending a few days at Liberty Baptist Church, my wife and I headed for Central California. We had a real nice time there. We even had the chance to babysit three of the grandchildren for a few days. Of course, my wife did most of the babysitting. Now that’s a full-time job! I preached twice Sunday for my son-in-law in Orange Cove.We are heading to Southern California tomorrow. I am looking forward to teaching and preaching at the college (PBBC) on Wednesday and then getting a chance to hear Eddie Ray (missionary to China), who is in the states for a couple of weeks, preach and teach at Pacific Baptist Church and the college on Thursday and Friday. Immediately after chapel we, along with Pastor Dwight Tomlinson, will get together for lunch. Really looking forward to the time of fellowship and hearing more about what God is doing in China.

Please pray that God will bless the sessions with both Brother Ray and me at Pacific Baptist Bible College!

We are looking forward to being a part of Lancaster Baptist Church’s Missions’ Conference beginning Saturday. Pastor Chappell has been a friend for many years and Lancaster Baptist is a very missions-minded church.  Lord willing, my wife and I will be returning to Southeast Asia to join our team in Phnom Penh, Cambodia sometime in mid-November. The Cambodian people are such a needy people, and our team in Cambodia is doing such a wonderful job. God has blessed in so many ways. We are so very excited about the privilege of working alongside the team in Phnom Penh. If you have not read their most recent update, I highly encourage you to do so. Only one way to describe what is going on in Cambodia: “Exciting!” Below are a few pictures from Cambodia.

All are precious in his sight

All are precious in his sight



Please pray for the work in Cambodia and that God will send more labourers to this needy country!

Almost immediately after returning to Southeast Asia my wife and I will fly to the “restricted” nation in which we served for 15 months and do some preaching and teaching over a two week period of time. This will be a wonderful opportunity to have a bit more influence over the dear folks we spent serving while living there for fifteen months. Below are a couple pictures from our time in this country.

Getting ready to eat after the message in a Restricted Nation


 Please pray that God will, even now, begin to prepare hearts for those we will be ministering to in this very needy country!

October 1, 2014

The past week or so has been very busy and very blessed!

What a joy it was to be able to fly in from the east coast to be a part of the Missions’ Revival for Pacific Baptist Church of Long Beach, Pacific Baptist Church of Maywood, and Pacific Baptist Bible College. Altogether, I had the opportunity to preach for the two churches a total of six times, the college twice, and the joy of teaching on missions for six hours in the college. The three-fold emphasis was the 1040 Window in general, and Southeast Asia and China more specifically.

As many, if not most of you know, my brother Pastor Joe Esposito had a burning passion to send a team to China. In fact, the last words his children ever heard him say before he was rushed to the hospital on October 3, 2013 were “China or Bust.”

It was one year ago this week when my brother was hospitalized. Only by the grace of God did he survive a ruptured AVM, but he remains in the hospital to this day. It was about two hours after I opened up our Missions Conference in Long Beach (PBC flew me from SE Asia for the conference) that my brother was hospitalized. The primary emphasis of last year’s conference, in addition to Southeast Asia, was the country of China. Concerning his passion for China his wife writes:

It was hard to pinpoint a specific time for the birth of the China Dream. Pastor had for many years posted large maps of ethnically diverse cities in CA for church planting targets, and a map of Asia on our bedroom wall. He had marked China as one of many destinations for sending teams. I believe Monterey Park was a part of making the dream for China seem a reality to Pastor.

Just as God put Pastor at 5050 Sheridan in Chicago (while a student in Bible College) so many years ago where the burden for the Khmer people was birthed and led to Pacific Baptist Church, and eventually Team Cambodia, Thailand, and L” – I believe, as did Pastor, God provided the church building for starting the Monterey Park Church in one of the greatest Chinese populations.

As Pastor used to say, sort of a Polaroid picture – the vision for China God had snapped years earlier and which was represented by a map on the wall – little by little developed into a great burden for a team to China. It seemed to be so obvious to him – we would start Team China, and there in the Monterey Park area more laborers would be born. It just made sense to him – God led us there, provided a building right where the Chinese folks were.

During the time leading up to last year’s missions conference – the burden for China grew and grew. Pastor had such a great desire to share the dream and burden with the church family. China became such a passion to him, and really the main emphasis of the conference. Never before did Pastor Esposito have such an intensity and sense of importance as he did for last year’s conference. He really believed that God was going to do something extraordinary – as we have talked about him saying multiple times “it was a God thing”.

Of course, the opening night of the Missions Conference was the last opportunity Pastor had to share the burden that God had placed on his heart – and only briefly before his AVM ruptured causing a severe bleed and stroke. While on the platform that night I believe he was already bleeding as he told me on the walk home of a severe migraine and loss of vision. As we entered the door, he didn’t sit down to fellowship with his children, as he would normally do following a service. The children showed him his favorite L” coffee Bro. Esposito had brought. He tossed it to one of them and said the last words my children heard him say, “China or Bust” and he headed upstairs. Within a very short time he stumbled down the stairs holding his head in pain, and I rushed him to the ER.

About a week ago, Brother Johnny came by to see Pastor. He left, but returned a few minutes later with China stickers he had asked Bro. Vong to print – “Don’t let the dream die”… and he showed them to pastor then handed them to me. He immediately walked back out and I stood by Pastor and looked at him and tears rolled down his cheek. That was the first time I had seen more than a single tear. Though he can’t speak, I personally believe the burden burns within … and if he could speak he’d say, ‘China or Bust’ ‘Don’t let the dream die!’”


What a testimony! It is often difficult to tell exactly what God is doing and why, but we are all believing that God has allowed this “tragedy” to take place for His glory and for the good of many. Could the country of China be a part of the many? Only time will tell!

Please continue to pray for a miracle in my brother’s life, and pray for his dear wife, eight children, two grandchildren, as well as the Pacific Baptist Church family. And pray that the dream to send men and women to China will continue to live on!