December 14, 2014

After returning from a busy few days in Thailand, things really started moving for us in the “restricted” nation. I had, or will have, the opportunity to preach and/or teach 23 different times in four different churches, a small Bible college, as well as teach for another seven young men (not the college students). At least five of these men are preparing for the ministry, future pastors every one of them.

On Sunday morning, December 7, it was a privilege to preach for a Filipino congregation that I had the opportunity to preach for every Sunday morning when I was here in the country for 15 months. I opened a four-day meeting preaching from 2 Corinthians 11:1-3 and Philippians 3:7-14 on “A Simple Devotion to Christ.” On Monday and Tuesday PM I preached parts two and three.


Filipino Congregation


Please pray for Pastor Aaron and the Filipino congregation that God will continue to use them to lovingly serve alongside the nationals in this country!

Also, on Sunday morning I had the wonderful privilege to preach for another church of nationals. This is a church that we worked very closely with while we were in the country before. I preached from Philippians 3:10 on the topic of  “Having a Passion for Jesus and Jesus Alone.” Monday-Wednesday morning from 8:30 – 12:00 I taught three national pastors and 4 future pastors in a small Bible college run by the same church.



Small Bible College

Please pray for this pastor, his church, the college, and the unlimited potential of these men in reaching their people!

On Sunday evening, I attended the service (for security purposes we chose not to have me preach) of one of the young men we worked with prior to leaving the country. His church is about 30-40 minutes outside of the city and is doing very well. We are grateful for the support he is receiving from, a new ministry of Liberty Baptist Church (Pastor Dwight Tomlinson).


Village House Church


Please pray for this pastor, the church, and for their future outreach, not only in their village, but also to the surrounding villages!

One Wednesday evening we had a “packed house” (literally). I believe there were missionaries, pastors, and members representing seven or eight churches in attendance. I think there were at least seven different people groups in attendance. My wife and I were the only non-Asians there. I taught from many different passages in a message called, “As the Father hath sent me, so send I you” (JN 20:21; MATT 4:18-22; 28:18-20; 2 TIM 2:2). In a nutshell, the message was primarily an encouragement to follow in our Lord’s (and Paul’s) footsteps and to disciple others.


Combined Service

Please pray that God will inspire many who sat in this service to give their lives to Christ, the cause of Christ, and discipling others! 

On Thursday and Friday morning I spent three hours each day teaching 7 young men; one is 35 years old, but that’s young to me. Five of these young men are preparing for the ministry. These five young men were reached by the “apostle Paul” in this country, who God has used to reach many people for Christ and plant 27 churches in his province. He was the first believer among his people group in his province. He was saved 14 years ago, and today there are somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 believers and 27 churches. Not bad for 14 years of journeying with Jesus!


Khmu brothers

Please pray that God will use these five men greatly to reach the Khmu people in this country and throughout Southeast Asia!

One of the most difficult aspects of being in this part of the world, especially this time of the year, is that we sure do miss our grandchildren. We miss them so very much. We are grateful to God for the many “adopted” grandchildren we have in this country. Here’s a few of them. Every time these girls see us coming they start jumping up and down. They know grandpa and grandma will have some snacks for them. Isn’t that what grandparents are for? 🙂


A few of our adopted grandchildren

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