December 7, 2014

On Tuesday evening, December 2, my wife and I arrived in the “restricted” nation in which we served for 15 months. What a joy and blessing it was to be back in the country we love dearly and to be around folks that our hearts had been bonded to during that 15 months. On Wednesday evening, Denise and I sat in on a few of the English classes. For those of you who may have forgot, or did not know, the purpose for our starting the school was two-fold: (1) to give us a legitimate reason for being in a country where no missionaries are allowed, (2) to build relationships with folks enabling us to eventually lead them to Christ.


English Class

IMG_3878 (1)

English Class


Class Fellowship

Please pray for our team’s attempt to get the school registered and future opportunities for the school to grow!

Immediately after sitting in the classes, I had the wonderful privilege to teach the mid-week Bible study. Oh, what a joy it was to hear them sing unto the Lord in their language and to witness two different specials prior to my teaching. I taught a lesson “Following the Call of Jesus, Part One” from Matthew 4:18-22 & 9:9-10. The primary emphasis was simply that Jesus is still looking for some men and women who are willing to leave their father, their family, their friends, their future ambitions, their financial security, and all that is familiar to them to follow Jesus wherever he leads. It was a special joy to see a young man named Jui, who was saved about two weeks before we left the country, not only in the service, interpreting for me, and closing in prayer, but growing in his faith.


Special for Service


Second Special for Service


Jui interpreting for me as I teach

Please pray for Jui, Lune and Lillee to continue to grow in their faith!

On Thursday, our team, and my wife and I crossed the border into Thailand. On Thursday and Friday I had the privilege to preach twice for a Men’s Meeting. There were six different churches from two different countries in attendance. I had the opportunity to preach two messages from JN 14:11-18 (theme verse of the Men’s Meeting was JN 14:12). My messages were, “Doing the Works of Jesus” and “Greater Works than these Shall You Do.” Seems to have been a good response for both messages!


Bible Drill at Camp Meeting


Camp Meeting


Special at Camp Meeting

Please pray for the seeds that were planted, during this meeting, and that God will use all of us to do “Greater Works” for His glory!

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