October 20

We spent the whole day, October 12, with the New Testament Baptist Church in Hartford, CT (Pastor Stoddard). We had a great time  with these dear folks. My wife and I flew back into California on Monday, October 13. On Tuesday and Wednesday I had the awesome privilege to attend the Missions’ Conference at Liberty Baptist Church in Newport Beach (Pastor Dwight Tomlinson).  My wife and I are so excited for our youngest daughter Joy.  Lord willing, she will be leaving for Cambodia at the end of January or early February. Although she is not going on deputation, she is prayerfully seeking some financial support. To my knowledge there are three churches and a couple of individuals who have pledged their support. Joy had the privilege to be a part of the Missions’ Conference at Liberty Baptist Church in Newport Beach, CA. It was so thrilling to be able to attend some of the conference with her. How much better does it get than this? Our youngest– a part of a missions’ conference! Even more exciting to know that she is following the Lord’s leading to Southeast Asia. If you are interested in supporting her, even for the smallest amounts (little is much when God is in it), please do let us know. Check out this brief video below. You will be blessed:

Please pray for Joanna Joy Esposito as she gets ready to journey with Jesus in Southeast Asia!


Immediately after spending a few days at Liberty Baptist Church, my wife and I headed for Central California. We had a real nice time there. We even had the chance to babysit three of the grandchildren for a few days. Of course, my wife did most of the babysitting. Now that’s a full-time job! I preached twice Sunday for my son-in-law in Orange Cove.We are heading to Southern California tomorrow. I am looking forward to teaching and preaching at the college (PBBC) on Wednesday and then getting a chance to hear Eddie Ray (missionary to China), who is in the states for a couple of weeks, preach and teach at Pacific Baptist Church and the college on Thursday and Friday. Immediately after chapel we, along with Pastor Dwight Tomlinson, will get together for lunch. Really looking forward to the time of fellowship and hearing more about what God is doing in China.

Please pray that God will bless the sessions with both Brother Ray and me at Pacific Baptist Bible College!

We are looking forward to being a part of Lancaster Baptist Church’s Missions’ Conference beginning Saturday. Pastor Chappell has been a friend for many years and Lancaster Baptist is a very missions-minded church.  Lord willing, my wife and I will be returning to Southeast Asia to join our team in Phnom Penh, Cambodia sometime in mid-November. The Cambodian people are such a needy people, and our team in Cambodia is doing such a wonderful job. God has blessed in so many ways. We are so very excited about the privilege of working alongside the team in Phnom Penh. If you have not read their most recent update, I highly encourage you to do so. Only one way to describe what is going on in Cambodia: “Exciting!” Below are a few pictures from Cambodia.

All are precious in his sight

All are precious in his sight



Please pray for the work in Cambodia and that God will send more labourers to this needy country!

Almost immediately after returning to Southeast Asia my wife and I will fly to the “restricted” nation in which we served for 15 months and do some preaching and teaching over a two week period of time. This will be a wonderful opportunity to have a bit more influence over the dear folks we spent serving while living there for fifteen months. Below are a couple pictures from our time in this country.

Getting ready to eat after the message in a Restricted Nation


 Please pray that God will, even now, begin to prepare hearts for those we will be ministering to in this very needy country!

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