November 22, 2014

Well, after spending a few months here in the states reporting what God has done, as well as the next step in our journey with Jesus, we are back in Southeast Asia. We arrived yesterday and are gearing up for the next step. Exciting!

Please pray for God to use us in Cambodia, even as we are adjusting and adapting to a new country and culture!

Our time in the states was a blessing. We had the chance to spend time with the family, including our fourteen grandchildren. Saying goodbye, as always, especially with family, was difficult, but it is good to be “back in the saddle again” and on the field. While in the states we had the opportunity to be in so many churches. I think, as of my last count, over 40 different churches. I had the opportunity to preach and teach every week somewhere in America. The journey continues and we are excited!

Please pray that the many folks who we were able to preach or teach for, as well as the many who we sat down with and counseled will seek the Person of Christ and the purpose of Christ, especially in regards to worldwide missions!


Part of the Family enjoying Fall.


The ladies of the Family

The day before leaving the country, as I did on a regular basis while in the area, I visited with my brother (Pastor Joe Esposito). It was a great visit, he was very responsive. Thank you for praying for him, his wife, and the kids. You can check Mary’s update concerning that visit by clicking on the link to your right “Pray for Pastor.”

Please continue to pray for my brother, his family and Pacific Baptist Church!

The next few weeks will be very busy, with much traveling. My wife and I will take a few days to try to get somewhat settled down in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and then we will fly into the “restricted” nation in which we served. Along with getting together with the team we led for 15 months, we will be preaching for four different congregations and teaching some. We will also be going to Thailand and be preaching twice for a two day Men’s Meeting with four or five different churches from two countries. From there, we will fly into Bangkok, and our three teams sent out of Pacific will be getting together for a few days of teaching and training.

Please pray for God to use these different opportunities to exalt Christ and edify His church in these countries!

I just wanted to take a moment here to thank all of our family and friends for your faithful prayers and financial support. My wife and I are debtors, not only to the Lord Jesus Christ but to you. Thank you for being concerned with us for a lost and dying world and, above all, for loving the Lord Jesus enough to be a part of His worldwide cause, especially in the 1040 Window!

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