November 27, 2014

Our first weekend here was such a blessing; being able to, once again, be a part of the services here in Phnom Penh was exhilarating. What a joy to see so many, especially young people, coming with a hunger for the Lord and His Word. The ministry here reminds me so much of the early days at Pacific Baptist Church when she was known as Cambodian Baptist Church. Thankful for the great work that was started in Long Beach over 26 years ago by my brother that has extended into three different countries in Southeast Asia with plans to one day go to China.



Please pray for God to use us in Cambodia, even as we are adjusting and adapting to a new country and culture!

One ministry that we are seriously pondering and praying about is reaching the young college age students here in Phnom Penh. There’s a boatload of them. There are two things that many of these young people have in common. They want a better life than their parents had and they want to learn English. May God use us to bring them the love of Jesus, salvation, and, a better life than they might have had outside of Christ. Please pray with us to have the wisdom and creativity to reach these dear young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His love. Dave and Debbie Board and my wife and I spent a couple hours at a coffee shop with Mora, who recently trusted Christ, and a few of the other employees. We had a great time and see so much potential!


Being “back in the saddle again,” here in Southeast Asia and the 1040 Window, I am once again reminded of the great need for more laborers who are willing to leave the comforts and conveniences of America to bring the life, the love, and the light of Jesus Christ to such a dark part of the world. You can’t walk down the streets or drive down the roads without having your heart touched by the great need. Seeing both the physical and spiritual poverty that is just a way of life here is gut wrenching. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to see the various brief videos on our site I encourage you to do so.

 Please pray for more laborers for Cambodia and the other 68 countries in the 1040 Window!

 As we mentioned in our previous update, the next five weeks will be very busy, with my wife and I travelling much. After taking these first few days trying to get somewhat settled down in Cambodia, we are flying into the “restricted” nation in which we served. Along with getting together with the team we led for 15 months, we will be preaching for three different congregations and teaching some. We will also be going into Thailand and be preaching twice for a two day meeting with four or five different churches from two countries. From there we will fly into Bangkok and our three teams, sent out of Pacific, will be getting together for a few days of teaching and training. We sincerely covet your prayers!

Please pray for God to use these different opportunities to exalt Christ and edify His church in these countries!

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