March 10, 2015

The first ten days of this month have been busy and at times hectic. Of course, there have been our regular responsibilities, such as discipling 10-12 guys weekly, teaching in our Bible Institute, soul winning and visitation, teaching in our Wednesday evening Worker’s Meeting, and preaching.


Bible Institute


Worker’s Meeting

Please pray that God will continue to bless in these different endeavours as we seek to serve these dear people for Jesus sake!

We also had a tremendous time at my house with seven university students, along with one of their friends. We ate chicken and dumplings, which my wife and daughter made. It was a first for all of them, but they seemed to like it. We did make some rice just in case. 🙂 We also taught them how to play UNO. They had a blast! Lord willing, they all will be coming over to our place again next Saturday for a time of pizza and round two in the UNO competition.


Fellowship with University Students


Please pray for Pheak, Sokounthea, Nisa, Rayreaksa, Yunna, Chamroeun to be saved and Phalla and Rathana to grow in their faith!

It was nice to be able to visit with two pastor friends from the states. First, our dear friend of many years, Pastor Brian Dunlop of Lighthouse Baptist Church in La Verne, CA and his wife were in the country for a few days and we had the privilege to have lunch with them. I would like to offer a special thanks to missionary Ranier Rolda for picking up the tab for all of us. We also had a chance to see Pastor Steve Hobbins for just a few minutes while he was in town on his way to the “Creative Access Nation” in which we served. He too, is not only one of our financial supporters, but a dear friend.


With Bro. Ranier and the Dunlops

One of the hi-lights of the past two weeks was the opportunity and the great privilege to preach for our Cham (former Muslims) people in our Psa Traach church. There was a great crowd and great spirit. Just before I preached San and his wife sang a beautiful special. These people are hungry for the Word. Invitation time was unbelievable. Brother Touch Keo travels about 180 miles (on a motorcycle and very rough roads) every Sunday to preach three times at two different villages. He’s doing a great job!!!


San and his wife singing a special, Bro. Touch is in the background

Please pray for these dear people, who have suffered much persecution in the past, and for some of them the persecution continues!

Over the past two weeks our daughter Jessica had surgery, was released, and then a few days later readmitted to the hospital. Jessica has four small children, all under the age of five, and two of them are special needs children. Her husband is a pastor, who also works a secular job 40 hours per week. After praying about it, my wife and I decided that she should fly back to the states to spend a few weeks helping Jessica with the children. I am so glad we did. Not only has it been a help to Jessica and her husband Joshua, but also a few days after her arrival Hannah, their four-year old autistic daughter, was admitted to the hospital. “When it rains, it pours.” Thankfully, Hannah was released the same day!


My wife at the airport

I have to take a moment to mention Grace and our Deaf Ministry. The deaf here in Cambodia are considered an unreached people group. To my knowledge there are few, if any, who are purposely “going after” the deaf folks in this country. Our church is, and Grace is the pursuer. Two week’s ago, even though a few deaf folks missed their ride and did not show up for the service, we had a great crowd.


Grace and Sina with the deaf people

Please pray for Grace and Sina as they give themselves to reaching these folks for Jesus!

As I mentioned previously, our niece Susanna is joining us. Well, she’s here! Joseph, Sue, and Jojo (my nephew and nieces) all arrived safely in Phnom Penh yesterday. Joseph and Jojo are here for two weeks. Sue is here for 6-12 months, who knows, maybe longer!  Our empty nest is filling up quickly!


Joseph, JoJo, and Sue arriving at the airport

Please pray that God will use Susanna to be a blessing to the folks in Phnom Penh!

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