March 17, 2015

I recently had the chance to spend a weekend with missionary Walter Poole. On Saturday we went soul winning together. We had some really great visits, but by far the best was when I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a woman named Sokthea. I hope that’s spelled right! 🙂 She listened attentively for some 30-40 minutes, and was really close to trusting Christ, when all of a sudden her husband, a police officer, rode up on his motorbike. We left the family with some Gospel literature and I promised to send them some more. Brother Walter will follow up on them in the days to come.


Sokthea and her family

Please pray for Sokthea to trust Jesus in the days to come!

On Monday evening, two weeks ago, we had a great time. First, from 4:00 – 5:30, I combined two of my discipleship appointments (John and Kosal) with my nephew joining in. It was a great time. Though they are definitely both at different phases in their journey with Jesus, both John and Kosal are growing much, and for this I am thankful. Afterwards John, Kosal, Adrian, my nephew Joseph and his sisters Sue and Jojo, along with my daughter Joy and I had a great meal prepared by the ladies. About 6:30 PM Naren and Rada from Coffee Bean showed up. After they ate, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Naren. She is the 28-year old young lady who had never seen or heard of the Bible until about a month ago. She is about as close to salvation as one can get without being saved.


Rada and Naren

Please pray for Naren’s salvation!

This past weekend I had the chance to share the gospel with five different people. I shared the gospel with two grandmothers at one location and a husband, wife, and her mother at another home. Sharing the gospel with anyone, especially in this part of the world, is always a special blessing, but sharing the gospel with Sombo, his wife Chheng and her mother was a real treat. Just two weeks ago, Sombo, a government worker, claimed to be an atheist. In a matter of two weeks time, he’s actually renounced his atheism and has become very open to hear the gospel.


Sombo, Chheng, and her mother

Please pray for Sombo, Chheng, and her mother to turn to Christ!

This past Saturday evening we had another fellowship with the university students. We had eight university students, one garment worker (friend of the university students), and another college-aged young man come. My daughter Joy and and nieces, Sue and Jojo, made chicken and rice, we ordered pizza, and had plenty of coke. 🙂 They played UNO and we all had a great time! The next day, three of them attended our Sunday morning service.


Saturday evening with some university students


Please pray for the salvation of these young people, as well as the growth of the two who know Jesus!

I want to thank those of you who have recently sent birthday cards to our autistic granddaughter Hannah. If you will remember, at the end of this month she will be celebrating her fifth birthday. A while back, she told her mother that all she wanted for her birthday were birthday cards from her friends. They live in a small community, their church is very small, and because of her autism, Hannah doesn’t really have a lot of friends. So we had asked many of you to consider sending her a card. Many have, some are still on the way, and for this we are grateful!


Hannah opening some of her cards


Please continue to pray for Hannah’s mother Jessica, as she is recuperating from her recent surgery.

Once again, my wife and I would like to thank all of you for your prayers and financial support. May God continue to bless you and yours.

Johnny and Denise

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