April 27, 2015

Things got going as soon as I returned from my trip out of the country. On Sunday I took Phalla, Nissa, Man, his wife Kanha,  and Joy, out for lunch right after the morning service. Phalla is one of the university students we have been working with who is a new Christian and I also have been discipling. Nissa is his girlfriend who wasn’t saved yet, but attending a few services and has also been over our house a few times. A few days later Nissa asked Kanha if she could come over and learn more about salvation and Kanha led her to Christ!


Joy, Kanha, Nissa, Phalla, and Man


My wife and Kanha with Nissa (on the far left) with one of her friends Srey-Leak (on the far right)

Please pray for Phalla and Nissa’s spiritual growth!

It was a blessing to get back to discipling some of our men which is my favorite time of the week. Every Monday I have the privilege to disciple 4-5 of our Cham men in a small group, Thursdays I disciple Both and Kosal in separate sessions, every Saturday I disciple one of our new men Phalla, and just before our Men’s Prayer Meeting I have the opportunity to disciple three of our national leaders (Sinath, Vannak, and Man). It is such a blessing to sit down and open God’s Word with men who have a hunger to grow!


Discipleship time with Man, Sinath, and Vannak

Please pray that God will use these hours of meeting together with these men to produce strong laborers for the Lord in this country and possibly other countries in the 1040 Window!

This past Monday it was a blessing to have Mora (new Christian), Sina (Christian), and Naren over our house for a meal. We have mentioned all of these young Ladies (Mora and Naren are Coffee Bean employees) a few times in previous updates. Naren is not saved, but she is very open to the gospel. You will remember her as the 28-year old young lady who had never seen or heard of the Bible in her life until she saw one at our house. After a great meal Joy, Susanna, and I had the opportunity to share a short clip about the 21 Egyptian Christians who were martyred and talk to the girls about Christ, the love of Christ, the forgiveness of Christ, and what martyrdom is. Joy and Sue did a great job sharing truth while I interjected thoughts here and there. All three of the young ladies were soaking it up!


Joy and Sue with Mora, Naren, and Sina

Please pray for Naren’s salvation and Mora’s and Sina’s spiritual growth!

We have mentioned Steung Mean Chey in many of our previous blog updates, as well as on our various Instagram and Twitter posts. Steung Mean Chey is a village not far from where our church facility is located. In the past few months a handful of our team, as well as some of our nationals, have been spending hours visiting this impoverished are. It is amazing how many people, especially young people, live in this poverty-stricken area. Another amazing thing about this area is that folks are so open to our visiting with them. There seems to be so much potential here. We covet your prayers!


Just one of the many houses in Steung Mean Chey


Sue with some of the girls in Steung Mean Chey


Please pray that God will use us in Steung Mean Chey to see many people, especially young people, saved!

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