May 9, 2015

Not sure where to start on this blessing! There’s a lot of background to this story so I will attempt to keep it short. Man and I have been trying to work with some of the local university students here in town. It hasn’t gone as well as we had hoped and prayed, but through it we met a young man named Phalla, who I am presently discipling on Saturdays after soul-winning/visitation. We have had Phalla and Nissa (Phalla’s girlfriend) over our house a few times, as well as taken them out for a couple of meals. Two week’s ago, Man’s wife Kanha led Nissa to Christ. Nissa hasn’t missed a service since! She also started bringing one of her friend’s Sokchea. Well, Kanha just led Sokchea to Christ also. It doesn’t get much better than that!

IMG_5772 (1)

Kanha, Nissa, and Sokchea

Please pray for the spiritual growth of Phalla, Nissa and Sokchea!

Another long story worth sharing briefly, is concerning a young Nigerian woman named Wanita, who has been in the country for just over two years. A couple of week’s ago Man and I met Wanita while visiting on a Saturday afternoon. She is staying with her uncle and his family. She’s a Christian who hasn’t been in church for quite a while, but she had been praying for a church. I invited her and her family over our house for a meal. They came, we had a great meal, played some UNO, and to my surprise I found out she used to attend a church in Nigeria pastored by a man I attended Bible college with over thirty years ago. WOW! Wanita and her unsaved cousin Vanessa are now attending our church on Sunday mornings. Praise God!

IMG_5688 (1)

Wanita and Vanessa playing UNO with the girls


Wanita and Vanessa with some of the church members

Please pray for Wanita’s spiritual growth and Vanessa’s salvation!

A few days ago, Kosal (one of the men I am discipling) and I made an appointment to take a young man named Sambath out for lunch. Sambath’s father is a doctor and a professor at one of the local universities in Phnom Penh. Samabath, on the other hand, has had a “troubled” life. Kosal and I went to pick him up at his father’s medical clinic and just as we were getting ready to leave Sambath’s mother said to us, “I want my son to become a Christian. A real Christian!” You know when a Buddhist mother says something like this, she is asking for help for her son. I had the privilege of sharing the gospel with Sambath. Even though he speaks English, I still had Kosal interpret for me. He did not get saved. We have another appointment this weekend, maybe that will be the day of salvation for Sambath!


Sambath with me

Please pray for Sambath’s salvation!

As I have mentioned before, on Monday afternoons just before Bible Institute, I meet with 4-5 of our Cham men (former Muslims) for a time of discipleship. It is such a blessing to meet with these men. We are presently going through the Book of Colossians and emphasizing the pre-eminence of Christ in every area of our life and ministry. These men have such a hunger for the Lord and for His Word. This past Monday was a real treat. San shared a blessing of how he had the opportunity recently to win his great-grandfather to Christ. The miraculous thing about it is the man is nearly one hundred years old and a witch doctor. He approached San and said, “I have no hope.” San shared the Good News and the hope of Jesus Christ with Siev and he got saved. Praise the Lord!



Please pray for Siev’s spiritual growth and for San as he attempts to disciple his great-grandfather!

Nearly every other blog update I mention Steung Mean Chey. It is one of the poorest areas in and around Phnom Penh. A few of us go out on Tuesdays for a couple of hours to visit and do some soul winning. It is always a blessing to go. There are so many people, especially children and teens. Not only are there so many people, but so many of them are open and are willing to let us share the gospel with them. This past Tuesday was a real blessing, I had the opportunity to share the gospel with four different ladies. While I was just finishing sharing the gospel with one lady (Adrian interpreting), another lady named Thy showed up. She started talking to us. I invited her to church and to our home for a meal. There were quite a few folks around us, so Thy invited us to her house (if you could call it a house). I then started sharing the gospel with Thy and her sister-n-law Polly. Another older lady showed up and sat down and listened along with Thy and Polly. All three ladies–Polly, Thy, and Thia were very attentive. A couple of them have had the gospel shared with them over the past month by various members of our team. My heart broke when Thy looked at me and said, “I don’t want to go to hell.” I believe all three of them are very close to getting saved.


Polly, Thy, and Thia

Please pray for Polly, Thy, and Thia to trust Christ!

I have a language teacher named Abraham who comes to my place and teaches me. This is temporary, but it is helping me a lot. He’s sharp and a really great guy! He’s also a believer who was saved as a teenager, but like so many in this country, once he started going to university and working he lost his zeal for the Lord. Sound a bit familiar! 😦 Well, I have enjoyed getting to know him. In recent days, I have started talking to him and teaching him some things about Christ, the cause of Christ, and biblical stewardship. It was a real blessing the first time we had a “serious” chat. He was so attentive and transparent, admitting that he had stopped giving God the time that he should. You could see the Holy Spirit conviction all over him. After talking for about 30 minutes he left for his next appointment, thanking me for talking to him.


Abraham, my language teacher

Please pray for Abraham to get things right and be used of God in this country!

A few days ago was the first Single Ladies Fellowship at our place. My daughter Joy and niece Susanna are hosting it. I hear it went great. It was a real blessing to hear that Nissa attended. I promised them if they came they’d get a husband. Didn’t quite happen. 🙂


Single Ladies Fellowship

Please pray that God will use this fellowship to strengthen our young single ladies!

My wife, the girls (Joy and Sue), and I are asking for special prayer. Next week, I will be preaching and/or teaching five times, my wife will be teaching the ladies twice, and the girls will be teaching the 12 and under young people at a three-day camp for Missionary Ranier Rolda and his church family. Please pray that God will use our family to be a blessing to these dear friends of ours!

I am also asking for special prayer for my trip back to the “Creative Access” nation where I will be preaching and teaching for both our team sent out of Pacific Baptist Church and for a few national pastors. I will be in the country for just over a week, but will be very busy. Please pray that God will bless my time there!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support!!!

Johnny, Denise, Joy, and Susanna

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