May 19, 2015

As always, recent days here in Phnom Penh have been extremely busy and blessed beyond measure. Our visitation efforts in Steung Mean Chey are really beginning to show some exciting results. In the past two weeks, just from Vannak, Adrian, my niece Sue, and my time visiting on Tuesdays, six brand new adults have visited our services. Three of them returned for a second visit. Also, over the last two weeks it has been a blessing to have Pov and her 22-year old daughter attend our service. At one time, they were faithful members of another church in Phnom Penh for over ten years. Apparently, something happened and they have been out of church for the past four years.

2015-05-10 09.41.44

Pov with her daughter Srey Leak

Please pray for Pov, her husband (I haven’t met him yet), and their daughter Srey Leak to get back on track and in church!

Also visiting our church services from Steung Mean Chey over the past two weeks were Thy, her husband Song and their baby boy, Thia and her son, and Nun and her children. Thy is the young lady I referred to in my previous blog update, who said, “I don’t want to go to hell.”

2015-05-05 09.36.21

Polly, Thy, and Thia

Please pray for Song, Polly, Thy, Thia, and Nun’s salvation!

Our “Celebration Service”, as always, was a tremendous blessing. The attendance for the past two “Celebration Services” has been about 250. We have our “Celebration Service” every six weeks in which all three of our churches meet together in Phnom Penh. Once again, we had a great crowd of deaf folks. It is totally unheard of in this country, as far as I know of, for churches to be reaching the deaf. If they are reaching any deaf, one or two at the most would be the max. This past Sunday we had 15 precious deaf folks in our service. Grace and Sina are doing a great job working with the deaf and God is blessing their efforts!

2015-05-17 11.15.09

Our deaf ladies

Please pray that the deaf who are not saved will trust Christ and pray for those who are Christians to continue to grow in their faith!

It was also a joy to see many new folks in our “Celebration Service” from one of the new villages that our Cham men have been working in. God has been blessing the endeavors. In fact, I heard that in our Cham congregation there were twenty new people in attendance this past week from this new village. It was also a joy to have 11 new converts baptized during the service, including a young lady named Srey Nich, who my daughter and Srey Nech have been discipling. It was also a real treat for our folks to have Brother Dave Board with us. He flew in from the states for a few days. It was a blessing to have him preach. A great majority of our folks see him as their spiritual father, and rightly so.

2015-05-17 08.33.18

Celebration Service

2015-05-17 08.49.00

Those from the Cham Village singing a special

2015-05-17 08.33.29

Celebration Service

2015-05-17 09.11.51

Bro. Board preaching in the Celebration Service

Please pray for the eleven men, women, and teens who were baptized to continue to grow in, and stand for, their faith!

In the past two weeks my daughter Joy and niece Susanna have started a Single Young Lady’s Fellowship that meets on Thursday evening and an English Class for teenage girls that meets on Saturday evenings. These will be great opportunities for Joy, Sue, and Grace (who helps on Thursday) to build relationships and disciple our young ladies.

2015-05-09 18.52.31

Sue with the English Class

2015-05-09 18.52.12

Joy with the English Class

Please pray that God will use both of these gatherings to produce Proverbs 31 women who will have an influence and make an impact in this country!

Once again, I ask for your prayers for my nine-day trip to the “Creative Access Nation” in which my wife and I served for 17 months. I will be speaking for our team on two Sundays for the AM and afternoon services, as well as for their mid-week service. In addition, I will be teaching the Bible for them for eight hours during the week. I am also going to get together with a few national pastors for three-days of Bible teaching and ministry training. I covet your prayers!

Please pray that God will bless this trip and that there will be no problems!

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