May 27, 2015

The Lord is definitely meeting with us during my eight day trip back to the “Creative Access Nation.” I am with our team sent out of Pacific Baptist Church in Long Beach for two Sundays, the midweek service, and four evenings of special Bible teaching. I am filling in for Brother KT while he is in the states with his daughter at the ACE Convention.

We had a wonderful Lord’s Day here. All three services, as well as next Sunday services, I am teaching on Paul’s Passions. On our first Sunday together, we dealt with the topics “Paul’s Passion that Christ would be Pre-eminent in His Life and Ministry,Paul’s Passion to Live for that which was Eternal,” and “Paul’s Passion to Continue to Grow in His Knowledge and Love for Jesus.”  Next Sunday, Lord willing, we will continue with “Paul’s Passion to Continue to Grow in His Knowledge and Love for Jesus,” along with “Paul’s Passion to Reach the Lost” (especially those in the unreached areas), and “Paul’s Passion to Disciple Men for Christ.”  During our special sessions Monday – Friday we will be considering “The Importance of Prayer in Paul’s Life.”

While the group here may be few in number there is much potential. Another small group has merged with them for the time being. Between the two groups they have a handful of young people who are growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus, and it was very apparent after spending a week with them they want to go forward for Christ in the midst of the difficult circumstances here in this country.

IMG_6068 (1)

IMG_6078 (1)

IMG_6093 (1)

Please pray that God will bless these times we have together and raise up a handful of passionate and praying people here in this country!

I also have the opportunity to, once again, teach a few of the national pastors in the country. I am meeting with them a few hours each day Tuesday – Thursday during the morning hours.  I love these men dearly. I have since my wife and I lived and served here for 17 months.  They, and others like them, are the hope for getting the task accomplished in their country. Most of our sessions are from the Book of Colossians, dealing with the “The Pre-eminence of Christ in our Lives and Ministries.”

IMG_6097 (1)

Please pray that God will use these men to reach many for Christ and disciple those whom they reach!

Just a few hours before getting on the plane to leave the country, while doing my regular Saturday visiting, I had the chance to share the gospel with Chan. We had invited Chan to visit our service and she did so on Mother’s day. Chan seems very open to the gospel. She claims that she heard about Jesus when she was a child, but in her words, “I forgot about Him.” While there are many in this country who have never heard of Jesus, there are hundreds, probably thousands, who at one time as a child heard the name of Jesus, but have little comprehension of who Jesus is or why Jesus came.

IMG_6059 (1) Please pray for Chan’s salvation!

The day before leaving the country I combined two of my discipleship sessions. I had a great time, as we finished our study on the Book of Colossians. In our two hours together, we talked about “Prayer Lessons from Colossians.” I challenged these  six young Cham (former Muslims) men to become prayer warriors for their country!

IMG_6052 (1)

Please pray that God will kindle a fire in these men’s hearts for Jesus, for prayer, and for their country!

Southeast Asia, as with other parts of the 1040 Window, is filled with precious children who desperately need Jesus and have very little chance of hearing the Good News unless we are willing to pray, give, and go!

IMG_6100 (1)

Some precious little girls who have become special to us while we lived in a “Restricted Nation.”

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