June 25, 2015

I recently read an article about the drought here in Cambodia. While those of us in the big city, who are a bit better off (the average Cambodian makes less than $1.50 per day), haven’t really felt the effects of it–other than the extreme heat–those in the outer provinces and various villages throughout the country have definitely been effected. While reading the article and seeing a few pictures (including the one  below), I was reminded once again, not only of a literal drought that the country is temporarily going through, but the spiritual drought that this entire country is experiencing, and has been experiencing for hundreds of years. Like the young boy seeking water, but finding only polluted water, the people of this country–if we don’t bring them the water of the Word–will have to settle for the muddied waters of Buddhism, atheism, or paganism. These dear people so desperately need Jesus!   
Please pray that God will continue to send men and women to countries like Cambodia in the 1040 Window that are experiencing a spiritual drought!

A few days back, my wife and I were returning from the market and as is our custom we jumped on a tuk-tuk. The driver’s daughter was sleeping in the tuk-tuk. I am going to guess, probably not real comfortable. It was a very hot and humid day. She woke up. I gave her some candy. My wife could tell the little girl was thirsty, so she gave her the tea I had just purchased for her. It was then that we noticed that both of her shoes were made for the left foot and they were too small for her. That was probably the reason for the multiples sores on her feet. We gave her father the money to buy her some shoes and a gospel tract. Just another reminder of the great need on this side of the Pacific!
Please pray for the physical and spiritual needs of the poor children all over this country and in the 1040 Window!

Every Tuesday morning at 7:40 AM anywhere from 6-8 of us go soul winning in Steung Meanchey. Every week is another story, another heartbreak, and another opportunity to have our hearts broken over the things that break the heart of God. Whether it’s Yay Som, who has cancer, writhing in pain in her shack while we share the Gospel with her and pray for her, or Thy (while we are all sitting in the squalor they call home) saying to us, “One of these days, I would like to bring my children to America so they can have a better life,” or looking upon the unsanitary, disease-ridden condition that these dear people have to live in 24/7, it never ceases to crush my heart. Just a few days ago, Vannak and I had the chance to share the gospel with a young mother named Sokcheatha. She stood there smiling, holding her baby, and listened very attentively. After sharing with her, we left her with two different tracts, a small booklet called, “Do You Know God,” and the promise to return again. 


Please pray for Thy, Thia, Som, and Sokcheatha to turn from their idols to trust the living Christ!

I am extremely thankful for my wife, my daughter Joy, and Susanna and their willingness to go the second-mile in a spirit of hospitality. Over the past two weeks we have had the Poole family (missionaries here in Phnom Penh), the Keo family (missionaries here in Phnom Penh), Naren, Mora, Wanita, Kosal (twice), and Sokchea (a few times) over our house to eat. It was a blessing to hear Naren say to us this past week, “I love you all.” We have been praying for and working with Naren for quite sometime now concerning her salvation.

As we have mentioned previously, Sokchea was saved a little over a month ago. She is growing much, but she has many obstacles that need to be overcome in her life. We are doing our best with God’s help to be a blessing to her. Praise the Lord! Her younger brother Chanta was saved this past week. Wanita, as we have mentioned in previous blog updates, is from Nigeria. We just started discipling her this past week. Of course, I have been discipling Kosal now for almost six months and he is growing “leaps and bounds.”

Please continue to Naren’s salvation, Mora and Wanita’s spiritual growth, and for all the missionaries here in this desperately needy country! 

The Boards (Dave, Debbie, Joshua, Jeremy, and Jason) returned home to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, after a short five-month furlough, a couple of weeks ago. Praise the Lord! This ministry is what it is because God chose to call them from the comforts of Long Beach, CA a decade ago, and Brother Dave Board said, “Here am I send me.” We are so glad that they are back. Bro. Board’s leadership was sorely missed. Debbie’s piano playing, along with her expertise in music was also greatly missed. All three boys are a blessing and they were missed too. I especially missed Joshua. He’s a great handyman and a huge help around my place. No one has ever accused me of being a handy man, that’s for sure! 🙂

Please pray for the Boards as God continues to use them to guide the ministry here in Phnom Penh! 

My wife and I, along with Joy and Susanna are thankful for your prayers and for your support that enables us to labor here in this part of the world!

Johnny, Denise, Joy and Sue

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