July 6, 2015

On Saturday’s I go soul winning with either Vannak or Man. More often than not, I go with Man. Last Saturday Man and I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with these five folks pictured below. Four of the five had never heard the Gospel, or even of Jesus. They were heading back to their home province within a few hours of our meeting with them. In other words, they were heading back to one of the nearly 14,000 villages with no Gospel witness in Cambodia. Man and I were thankful to have the chance to share Gospel with all of them and leave them with some literature to read in the future.


Please pray that God will take the words that we shared with these dear folks and bring them to a place of salvation!

Last Sunday I had the awesome privilege to preach at our two village churches. It was a long day, over 14 hours, but it was an extremely blessed day.  I had the privilege to preach three times. Actually four, if you count the hour-and-half of preaching/teaching on the tuk-tuk with three of our Cham men. I preached twice for our Cham (former Muslims) people and once for our church in Prey Bang. It was a real treat to see the tuk-tuk unloading with over 20 adults (including one blind adult man), teens, and children to come and hear the Word of God preached. I even saw one motorbike pull in with five people. It’s legal here!

IMG_6061 (1)-2


Preaching for these dear folks, in both locations, is humbling to say the least. While I may not speak their language, it isn’t difficult to see in their countenance that they love Jesus. Missionary Touch Keo and the nationals are doing a fantastic job in these two ministries. On Sunday evening, all of the electricity went out. I continued to preach for another 20 minutes or so. No fans. No lights. It was dark. Really dark. No problem! I continued preaching, they continued listening, and thankfully God continued moving. We are so grateful to see what God is doing in both places. People are being saved. Lives are being changed. Men and women are being discipled and sent to other villages to do “the work of the ministry.” The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being advanced. Glory to God!


IMG_6716 (1)


IMG_2184 (1)

Please pray that God will continue to bless Touch Keo, the national leaders, and both of these village ministries!

It is a blessing to have Sen with us. She will be here for a little bit over two weeks. Sen lived with us for 17 months, while we served in a “Creative Access Nation.” She is a wonderful Christian young lady. She loves Jesus. She is a great soul winner and is really good at discipling folks. Sen was even arrested and put in jail years ago, simply for passing out a tract. In many ways, Sen was like my “right hand man” while in the “Creative Access Nation.” She was such a help and blessing to my wife, to me, and the work there. She has already put her hands to the plow here in Phnom Penh and has been a great help!


IMG_6081Please pray for Sen and all of our folks in the “Creative Access Nation.”

It was a real blessing to have a few of our friends from the poverty-stricken Steung Meanchey over our house for lunch recently. Vannak and I have been sharing the Gospel with Nee, Thia, Sung, and Thy, for at least two months now. We spend just about an hour with them every Tuesday. They are very open (at least Sung, Thy and Thia). They have many good questions for us. While our place is nothing to brag about, according to “American standards,” I am going to guess it was a bit intimidating for them, at least initially. But we all had a great time!

IMG_6083 (1)-2


Please pray for Nee, Thia, Sung, and Thy’s salvation!

Every Friday evening our teen boys here in Phnom Penh meet for a time of playing soccer and afterwards they will have a time of singing, testifying, and a preaching service. This past Friday I had a great time fellowshipping with and preaching for them. They really are a great group of guys, lots of potential that’s for sure! I preached a message from Matthew chapter 14, “Getting out of the Boat” or “Leaving Your Comfort Zone.” I have no doubt if Peter were living today his favorite song would be “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.” I think his favorite phrase from the song would be, “Though No One Joins Me, Still I Will Follow.” One of our fine young men named Noy gave a great testimony of the goodness of God. Vannak, Man, and Kosal are doing a great job!



Please pray that God will raise up some young men from our youth group who will have the faith of a Peter!

My wife and I, along with Joy and Susanna thank you from the depths of our hearts for your prayers and continual support.

The Espositos

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