July 17, 2015

As we mentioned in our previous update, Sen came to visit us from the “Creative Access Nation” and was with us for a little over two weeks. In addition to Sen being with us Amie Richard, a missionary from Thailand, was also with us for a week. It was a blessing to have these two young ladies staying with my wife, Joy, Sue, and me. We had a great time!



Please pray that God will use Sen and Amie as they return to their countries!

It was a real treat to have Koumaly and Darath Thongdy and their children, along with a group of our friends from the “Creative Access Nation” with us for Youth Conference. Of course, my wife and I served alongside of the Thongdy’s for 17 months. While the folks from the  “Creative Access Nation” may not have understood much of what was going on in the Khmer language, I believe they had an enjoyable time and were touched by the Word and love of God. My wife and I, along with Joy and Sue, are looking forward to being with them all in just a few days. I am looking forward to preaching for them, as well as meeting Pastor and Mrs. Tomlinson there to do some Barnabas1040 follow up.



Please pray for Koumaly and Darath as they continue to serve Jesus in a difficult setting!

Our third annual Youth Conference was fantastic! God as always came through big. Our theme this year was “Our God is Greater,” which happens to be the church theme for 2015. He definitely showed Himself great during Youth Conference. What a blessing it was to see all of the young people in attendance for the three days. The preaching, the singing, the skits, the activities, the food, and the fellowship was great. It was a real blessing to see many folks from the different villages that we have ministries in to be able to attend. I am so grateful for all of the folks who helped to make it happen. This is one of the great benefits of having a team and faithful nationals working together for one common cause–the Gospel. So much more can be accomplished for Christ and the cause of Christ when you have men and women who love Jesus who are willing to work together. So many more people can be reached. So many more can be helped!






Please pray that God will seal the many decisions that were made at Youth Conference this past week and that He will raise up a generation of young people who live, love, and serve because “Our God is Greater” than anyone or anything!  

On the Monday after Youth Conference my wife and I had the Youth Conference greeters along with some of our friends from the “Creative Access Nation” over our house for food, fun, and fellowship. We ordered Domino’s Pizza (yes, we have Domino’s in Phnom Penh), my wife and the girls made hot wings, rice, veggies, brownies, and cookies. Of course, we had Coca-Cola too! Just about everyone played UNO (They love playing UNO here) and they got very excited doing so. In fact, I was told the next day that the entire neighborhood heard their excitement. 🙂 Needless to say, everyone had a great time!




Please pray for God to use these fellowships to encourage and edify folks, as well as set an example for them to follow in the area of hospitality!

Lastly, we would like to share one of the specials sung by the Teen Girls here. My niece Susanna (Pastor Joe’s daughter) is playing the piano. It’s not the best quality, 😦 but its a blessing to hear the teens singing for the Lord. These are some of our best young people!

My wife and I, along with Joy and Sue, want to thank you for your prayers and financial support!


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