July 25, 2015


I am excited about the release of my new book called, Peeking Through the 1040 Window: Why it Matters to God and Why it Should Matter to Us. It isn’t a long book but I believe a much needed book. It has been on my heart for quite sometime. It is presently being edited and should be ready to roll of the press in just a couple weeks. It should be ready for my short trip to the states at the end of the summer. I asked my dear friend Pastor Dwight Tomlinson to write a foreword for the book which he graciously agreed to do. Here are his thoughts about the book:

I love to read. Centuries ago the Apostle Paul gave these inspired words of advice to a young preacher. “Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.” I Timothy 4:13. 

It has been my practice for more than 40 years in ministry to “give attendance to reading”. Rarely have I come across a book that has moved me like Johnny Esposito’s book, “Peeking Through the 1040 Window.” This powerful book comes from the heart of a man that did more than merely take a casual glance at what he saw. What Johnny saw changed his life and as a result it changed many others.

Mine is one of the lives changed as a result of Johnny peeking through the 1040 window. I visited Johnny in the restricted access nation of which he writes in this book. My life was changed. It was as a result of that peek through the 1040 Window that God laid upon my heart to begin a Mission’s Organization to help get the gospel to some of the neediest countries in the world.

As you read this book, please ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the needs and opportunities that await us in the 1040 window. God is raising up a movement of people whose hearts have been touched as a result of lifting up their eyes and seeing the massive harvest fields of the 1040 Window. 

Perhaps your life will be changed, as was mine, by “peeking through the 1040 Window”

Dwight Tomlinson

Pastor Liberty Baptist Church Newport 

Founder of Barnabas1040.com


Please pray that God will use this book to inspire many to pray for, give to, and seriously and prayerfully consider going to the “uttermost parts of the earth.”

I am also working on another book–a sequel if you will–called Don’t Let the Dream Die.  We might end up calling it Keep the Dream Alive. This book, while being along the same lines as the previous mentioned book and dealing with the great neglected harvest fields in the 1040 Window, will also  revolve much around the dream that God laid upon my brother’s heart for the “unreached peoples” of Cambodia, which began some 30 years ago in North Chicago.  It will also deal with the continual enlargement of that dream until the “dreaded day” when Pastor Joe was hospitalized on October 3, 2013. Lord willing, my sister-in-law Mary will be working with me on this book. If the Lord permits, Mary will write a few chapters in the book.


Please pray that God will give us the grace, the wisdom, and the ability to write a book that will challenge many to pray, give, and to GO!  

In previous updates we have mentioned Wanita a few times. She is a Christian from Nigeria who Man and I met one Saturday while out visiting. My wife is now discipling her on a weekly basis. We have been asking for prayer for the salvation of her cousins (Basil, Vanessa, Isabel). They are half Khmer and half Nigerian and have lived in Cambodia their entire lives. They are also Buddhist!

We are glad to report that Basil got saved about two week’s ago after our Youth Conference and his older sisters have been coming to church, the Teen Girl’s Fellowship, spending time with Joy and Sue, and asking a lot of questions.



Please pray for Wanita and Basil’s spiritual growth and for Vanessa and Isabel to trust Christ! 

I have also mentioned my language teacher in previous updates. His name is Abraham. He is a Christian and in recent days my time with Abraham became more like discipleship sessions than language sessions. God has allowed me to have the opportunity to help Abraham get a few things in his life “recalibrated.” Recently, I have taken language class time to teach him how to share the gospel. About two week’s ago, he passed out his first tract. Lord willing, I will be meeting with him on a regular basis for both some language learning and discipleship.


Please pray for Abraham’s spiritual growth and that God will reveal His purpose for his life!

For those of you who knew about and prayed for my wife last week, I want to thank you. On Sunday morning, while walking to church, she tripped over a crack in the road (we have some big cracks here) and took a pretty bad spill. She still has a “black eye.” We had to rush her to the hospital in a tuk-tuk. The first hospital we went to was closed. They do things a bit different here! 🙂 After arriving at the second hospital, Denise had a CT scan. Nothing serious was found. Praise the Lord!


My wife, Joy, Sue and I will be leaving for the “Creative Access Nation” in just a few days. Along with meeting up with the Tomlinson’s, and a few others, I will be preaching four times and teaching an additional 4-6 hours. We covet your prayers!

2 thoughts on “July 25, 2015

  1. Hey Johnny and Denise,
    Sorry to hear about Denise’s fall, praise God that there was no major injury. Terri and I are encouraged when we read your monthly updates. We are looking forward to reading your books! Keeping you and your family in prayer!

    Randy and Terri

    • Randy & Terri

      Appreciate your prayers. Appreciate your reading the updates and occasionally leaving a comment. Appreciate your support! As soon as the book comes out, i’ll send you a copy!

      Johnny and Denise

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