May 8, 2016

As always, the opportunity to go soul-winning in various villages around our church in Psa Thrict and to be able to preach in our Psa Thrict church was an immense blessing. Soul-winning was tremendous. Vannak and I were able to share the gospel with many. We saw three adults trust Christ and two others were about as close as you could possibly get without actually trusting Christ.

Kean Sok, his wife, Lan Yun and their 35-year old daughter, Chon Ly, all trusted Christ after Vannak and I spent over two hours with them sharing Christ. I was so moved as Chon Ly with tears in her eyes asked, “I am poor, I can’t read (common problem here). I can’t go to church (family issues). How can I know God?” After explaining to her that God loves the rich and poor alike, the educated and the illiterate alike, and that he loves those in the village just like he loves those in the city, Chon Ly and her parents bowed their heads and trusted Christ.


I also had the privilege of teaching one of our faithful men named Pun and his family for about an hour, as well as sharing the Gospel with his wife Yay Loan. She was so close to trusting Christ. Both Vannak and I believe she will get saved soon! We also had the chance–by divine appointment–to share the Gospel with a 22-year old mother named Srey Mohm. It was very apparent that the Holy Spirit was working in both of these lady’s hearts.

IMG_4617 (1)


While Man and I were sharing the Gospel in Phnom Penh recently we came across a woman who is 102 years old. We had the opportunity to share the Gospel with her along with a few others who were listening in. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see either of us very well and she was having a very difficult time hearing us. One just has to wonder, “Has she ever heard the Gospel before?” “Has anyone taken the time to share the greatest love story known to mankind with her?” “Is it too late for her to hear and understand the Gospel message?” IMG_4534 (1)PLEASE PRAY THAT SOMEHOW, SOME WAY, THIS POOR WOMAN (AND OTHERS LIKE HER) WILL UNDERSTAND THE GOSPEL AND TRUST CHRIST!

The past two weeks of soul-winning in Steung Mean Chey have been wonderful.  For the past two weeks Vannak and I have had the privilege to share the Gospel with Grandma Saboun in great length. This past Tuesday we were privileged to see her bow her head to trust Christ as her Lord and Savior! We have also had the opportunity to share the Gospel with five or six others in Steung Mean Chey including Phat’s mother Sone. While Sone did not trust Christ, she was very open and attentive.

While soul-winning in Steung Mean Chey, we handed a few tracts to a group of people. One of the elderly ladies, no doubt looking at me (the white guy), asked us if we would take two small children. They are orphans. She has been caring for them but is looking for someone to take them off her hands.  That’s just how it is in this part of the world!

IMG_4597 (1)

IMG_4580 (1)


We have often mentioned the extreme poverty here in Cambodia and occasionally have referred to the children begging on the streets! Recently, my wife and I, while on our way to the market were approached by a young boy who was begging. As is our custom, we gave him a bottle of cold water, some candy, and some money. He looked at us with a gleam in his eyes and said, “Thank you!”   IMG_4495 (1)PLEASE PRAY FOR THE POOR, ESPECIALLY THE POOR CHILDREN OF CAMBODIA WHO DON’T SIMPLY NEED A HAND OUT BUT NEED CHRIST!

Recently, I had the privilege to FaceTime my brother Pastor Joe. I try to do it weekly. It’s always a blessing and when he hears about what is going on in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand or China his eyes are almost always fixed on me and he will usually have a huge smile. In spite of his physical issues, Pastor Joe is still a missions’-minded man!

As I was getting ready to hang up my brother whispered a prayer, “Father, thank you for letting me talk to my brother.” And, then in reply to my saying, “I love you,” he shot back with an “I love you too!” After hanging up, I sent him some pictures from my day in the various villages, and according to his wife Miss Mary, he said, “Looking at those pictures got me excited.”

IMG_4635 (1)Thank you very much for praying for Pastor Joe, Miss Mary, and the rest of the family!

My wife and I are looking forward to our trip to China in just a few days. I will be in three different cities. Kunming, Beijing, and Dalian. The primary purpose of this trip is to meet with some men and continue to explore the possibility of our sending a team to China in the future. While in China I will be preaching five times for a friend’s Missions’ Conference and his mid-week service. My wife and I will be joined by Kosal on this trip and he will have the opportunity to teach Sunday school and share what God has done in and through his family here in Cambodia because a missionary was willing to come.

Recently, I have been reading the book “Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission,”–great book by the way–which was written by his son (also a missionary in China). I thought I would share these words from the book with you:

Recalling an experience, the pain of which could never be forgotten, Mr. Taylor went on to tell of a Ningpo convert who, full of joy in his new-found faith, had inquired: “How long have you known this Good News in your country?”  “We have known it a long time,” was the reluctant answer; “hundreds of years.” “Hundreds of years,” exclaimed the ex-Buddhist leader, “and you never came to tell us!”   “My father sought the Truth,” he added sadly, “he sought it long, and died without finding it. Oh, why did you not come sooner?”

Someone has said, “The Gospel is Good News” only if it gets there on time!


My wife, Joy, Sue, and I are extremely grateful for your prayers and financial support!

Johnny Esposito

4 thoughts on “May 8, 2016

  1. Whatever we do unto the least, we do as unto our Lord

    May our bless you in your travels and soulwinning.

    I respect you so much

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