May 19

I thought I would send a quick and brief update out before my two-week trip to China is over. My first leg of the trip, which is a seven-day stay, is in a city of seven million people in the southern part of the country. This particular Province is one and a half times more populous than my home State of California.

The City 2

So far our first leg of the trip in China (location withheld for security purposes) has been awesome, to say the least! After a “terrible day” of flying on Friday the 13th, my wife and I, along with Kosal settled in. On Saturday evening the Missions’ Conference began. The theme for the Missions’ Conference was “GO FORWARD ON YOUR KNEES.” These were the words that Hudson Taylor once told fellow missionary to China Jonathon Goforth when he was planning on going to a difficult place to bring the Gospel. Great advice from a great man to another great man who God used to do a great work!

The Theme 2

After a wonderful time of food and fellowship, I preached a message from Luke chapter 9 called, “YOU FEED THEM,” Part One. What a tremendous response to the message. In fact, The missionary (name withheld for security purposes) said they had never had a response to a message like they did on Saturday evening. Saturday Service 2
Saturday PM 2

Sunday morning, Kosal gave a testimony and taught the adults during the Sunday school hour while my wife and I were upstairs with the teens and the children. I was told his testimony and teaching was very touching. We had a great time with the kids!
Kosal teaching SS 2

Me teaching children-teens

During the morning service, after some really great music by the adult choir and a children’s choir, I preached a message that I have preached dozens of times from Luke chapter 10 called, “I SAW SOMETHING!” Again, the response was amazing. There were tears all over the auditorium!

Choir. JPG 2

Sun AM 2

After a brief meal, we returned to the church for an early afternoon service. Another great crowd, especially for a service immediately after lunch. This is traditionally time to take a nap in Asia. I preached “YOU FEED THEM,” Part Two from Luke chapter 9, and once again, the response was tremendous. Again, there were tears evident all over the auditorium.

Eating out 2
IMG_4915 2

We had a wonderful special service on Tuesday night. Great crowd showed up for an off night. Not an easy thing here with their work schedules and the traffic.  My wife taught the ladies (“Let God Write Your Story”) and I taught the men (“The Reality of Hell: Changes Everything”). We taught for 40-45 minutes and then followed it with a a 45-50 minute Question and Answer Session.  They were asking some really great questions.  Some were even asking about going to the mission field!


On Wednesday evening my host missionary and his wife took us to another small, fairly new house church that was started by a missionary sent out of the Philippines. He has been working with university students. He goes to the university campus a couple times a week and has an English corner, which helps the locals to use their English in a conversational manner. We had a great meal and time of fellowship and then I had the opportunity to teach them from Matthew 7:24-27 on “Wise or Foolish Man?”

After a few meetings today with nationals, this evening I will close my time here in the southern part of the country by preaching my last message for the host church. Tomorrow, I head up to the northern part of the country for seven days (meeting up with a group from our home and sending church). We will be in two different cities during that time span. My wife heads back to Cambodia tomorrow morning!


I did want to say something about the ministry in Phnom Penh. They had a tremendous Friend Day service this past Sunday. I believe they had 25 brand new visitors in attendance. At least two of mine and Vannak’s friends attended the service. Grandma Sonboun, who trusted Christ a few weeks ago, and her daughter Navy came.  Vannak and I had just shared the Gospel with Navy a week ago and she was so close to trusting Christ then, but she did not. I was just informed by Vannak that he and Joshua Board were able to lead her to Christ Tuesday!



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