July 9, 2016

We pray that you all had a wonderful Fourth of July. What a privilege we have all had to be born in a land where we have been given the freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our conscience. Our hearts are broken and our prayers go out to our homeland in lieu of recent tragedies that have taken place after July 4.

Of course, the Fourth of July is not a holiday in this part of the world, but most American missionaries do celebrate it. Our team here in Cambodia went on a boat ride, had plenty of food, and some great fellowship. All of us are grateful for your prayers!

IMG_1570 (1)

Our ministry, especially the Children’s and Teen Ministry in Steung Meanchey, is doing extremely well. While the ministry is less than two months old, we are seeing 75-90 teens and children come each week. Just last week Vannak and I, while soul-winning (we go soul-winning during the Teen and Children’s Ministry) were able to sign-up 12 brand new teens and children for the service. They followed me to the location. But they weren’t the only one’s following me, as you can see in the picture below. 🙂

IMG_1247 copy
IMG_1533 (1)
Please continue to pray for our ministry in Steung Meanchey!

It is also a blessing to see that through this new ministry we are even seeing adults trust Christ. Just a few days ago Man had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Phanny and see her trust Christ. Vannak and I had the chance to share the Gospel with her a few weeks ago, but she did not get saved. Phanny, even as a lost woman, was bringing 10-12 children every week to the Children’s Ministry in Steung Meanchey!FullSizeRender (1) (1)Please pray for Phanny’s spiritual growth and for her husband’s salvation!

It is also a real blessing to see a few of the new converts growing in Christ. Vannak and I take some time weekly to go by and teach Sonboun and Samaat. You will remember, Sonboun trusted Christ a little over two months ago and Samaat trusted Christ three week’s ago.

IMG_1598 (1) (1)
IMG_1600 (1)
Please continue to pray for Sonboun and Samaath’s spiritual growth!

On various occasions in the past, Vannak and I have had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Jan. We have had the privilege to lead her two daughters (Srey Nieth and Lynne) to Christ. Last week, we shared the Gospel with Jan once again. While she did not trust Christ, it was very apparent that the Holy Spirit was working. While we were sharing the Gospel with her, she had mentioned that Lynne needed a bike to go to school. Later that day, we surprised them with a new bike.

IMG_1593 (1)
IMG_0030 copy
Please pray for Jan’s salvation!

On many previous updates and/or IG posts in the past, I have asked for prayer for a man named Sambath and his wife Srey Mohm. A few days ago my wife and I took them to lunch and for some Dairy Queen (this is something they have never had the opportunity to do) and I shared the Gospel with them. They did not trust Christ, but I am praying that they will soon. Please pray with me!

IMG_1633 copyPlease pray for Sambath and Srey Mohm to trust Christ!

It’s always a blessing to have visitors from the States. Grace Ortiz’s father is visiting us from Los Angeles. He will be here for about a month.  He has a real heart for God and a heart for souls. It has also been a blessing to spend a little time with two young ladies from La Verne, California, Renae and Ember have a love for Christ and a heart for the mission field.

IMG_0031 copy

IMG_1399 2 copyPlease pray that God will use this trip to Cambodia and the trip to Nepal for the girls to accomplish his purpose in their hearts and lives!

It’s always a blessing to be able to teach the Bible on Fridays to Abraham and his family. For the past few weeks, Pastor Tho (a national pastor here in the country) has been coming with me. To be honest with you, I think he is enjoying it more than the others. This last Friday we had a good crowd. There was my wife, Pastor Tho  and I, along with Abraham, his wife Rohm, her brother Vay, Abraham’s nephew Jia, and, of course, little David. This last Friday was Vay’s last time to meet with us. He leaves this weekend for South Korea for employment. This is common in Cambodia. For the Khmer people employment in South Korea is like a new lease on life. After the Bible study and a personal challenge from me for Vay, he requested prayer, saying, “Please pray that God will help me to be  a Nehemiah in Korea.” It brought tears to my eyes and moved everyone in the room.

IMG_1703 (1)

IMG_1704 (1)Please pray that God will continue to bless this Bible study at Abraham’s house and that God will use Vay as a Nehemiah in South Korea!

As we have mentioned in our last two updates, there are four additional things that we sincerely covet your prayers about:

  • First of all, please pray for our upcoming trip to China to preach for a Leadership Conference. We leave for China on Monday.
  • Secondly,please pray for our trip to Laos the first week of September to preach and teach for our team in the capital city, as well as for two other churches.
  • Thirdly, our trip to the States in mid-September to preach for our Missions’ Conference, teach a Missions’ Intensive, and report to some of our churches.

**If you are interested in having us come in and share what God has been doing in Southeast Asia, as well as what the Lord is doing concerning us bringing a team to China, shoot me an email.

  • Fourthly, please pray that God will use the book called, Keep the Dream Alive: The Story of One Man’s Dream and a Plea to Keep It Alive. Lord willing, it will be available when I make my trip to the States.This book will deal some with my brother’s life and ministry and his dream to reach China with the Gospel!

My wife Denise, the girls, and I would like to thank you for your continual and consistent prayers and your financial support. We couldn’t be here without you allowing God to use you!

For HIS Glory in the Nations,

Johnny Esposito




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