July 22, 2016

Our trip to China was such a tremendous blessing! My wife and I arrived in China on Monday evening. The four-day Leadership Conference started on Wednesday evening. I think there were at least seven different churches represented with 90-100 men and women in attendance for the evening sessions and about fifty adult men for the morning sessions. God moved in a very special way. Thank you for praying!


IMG_2156 2

Chendu Group

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On Tuesday, the day before the conference opened, my wife and I, along with the host missionary made two visits. Our first visit was to a lady dying of cancer. Her and her husband have a great testimony of coming to Christ at an older age. He was in his early fifties when he trusted Christ because of the testimony of some co-workers and a family friend who lived in Australia continually sowing the Gospel seed with them over the phone. His wife is a former Buddhist, while he is a former die-hard communist. Basically he said to us, “For 27 years, Karl Marx was my prophet.” Thank God this is no longer the case. Jesus is now his Prophet, Priest, and King!

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Our other visit was to another elderly woman who was sick in the hospital and whose daughter is a member of the church. She had eaten some poisonous mushrooms. We had a great visit. We were an encouragement to her, as were many of the members of the church have been. After our visit with her apparently she told her adult daughter, “I want to become a Christian.” She came to church on Sunday, mentioned to me that we all (the Christians) seemed like a family, and I had the opportunity to share some with her that we were a family in Christ,  and eventually the host missionary shared the Gospel with her and she trusted Christ. Two other women trusted Christ after the service also!

Jia and Her Mom

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening my dear friend Brother Dwight Tomlinson, of barnabas1040.com, and I preached back-to-back, and God moved in a very special way. During the morning sessions on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, a missionary from China (“A Vision for the Family“), Brother Tomlinson (“A Vision for the Church”), and I (“A Vision for the World”) taught special sessions for the men only. We also had some good Q/A time during the morning sessions. On Sunday Brother Tomlinson (“Christ is All You Need“) and I (“A Listening Ear and a Burning Heart“), once again, preached back-to-back. After lunch, we had a 2 1/2 hour Q/A Session on “Marriage, the Family, and Singleness.” It was great!

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As I have already mentioned, God moved mightily, both during the conference and during the Sunday services. Many hearts were stirred and many decisions were made. I think I can honestly say that dozens of men surrendered their lives to do whatever God wanted them to do and go wherever God wanted them to go. I have been receiving text messages and emails for the past 4-5 days from folks testifying of what God did in their lives during the conference!

Thank you for praying!

On one of our visits, prior to the conference, we had the opportunity to see a woman, who works construction, carrying 60 pounds of ceramic tile up five flights of stairs. Such is the plight of a woman working in the construction field! Yet, far worse than this, is the terrible load of sin that these dear folks have to carry if they don’t know Jesus, and especially in a country such as this, and other countries such as this, in the harvest fields known as the 1040 Window, where there seems to be little hope in sight!


  • Please pray for all of those who made decisions in China!
  • Please pray for our new work in Steung Meanchey that God will continue to bless it and we will be able to get the church started!
  • Please pray for Sokcheat, Jan, Sambath and his wife Srey Mohm to trust Christ!
  • Please pray for my trip to Laos the first week of September to preach and teach for our team in the capital city, as well as for two other churches.
  • Please pray for our trip to the States in mid-September to preach for our Missions’ Conference, teach a Missions’ Intensive, and report to some of our churches.

**If you are interested in having us come in and share what God has been doing in Southeast Asia, as well as what the Lord is doing concerning us bringing a team to China, shoot me an email.

  • Please pray that God will use the book called, Keep the Dream Alive: The Story of One Man’s Dream and a Plea to Keep It Alive. Lord willing, it will be available when I make my trip to the States. This book will deal some with my brother’s life and ministry and his dream to reach China with the Gospel!

94-125pg Book Cover-2

My wife Denise, the girls, and I would like to thank you for your continual and consistent prayers and your financial support. We couldn’t be here without you allowing God to use you!

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