August 25, 2014

Greetings in Christ!  We have now been in the states for eight weeks, and we have been very busy to say the least. I have had the opportunity and privilege to preach in 22 different churches in four different states, along with preaching in two different tent revivals. We have had the opportunity to fellowship with many different preachers, some I have known for years, as well as talk to many a young man and/or woman who God has been stirring their heart about this matter of the mission field, including a handful who have become burdened for the 1040 Window!

Please continue to pray that God will use my wife and I as we share a burden for the neediest of the needy peoples of the world in the 1040 Window in general and Southeast Asia more specifically!

About a week ago, we met a young lady from China named Minnie (yes, like the mouse, in fact, she showed us a picture of Minnie Mouse). Minnie has lived in the states now for some time. What was interesting is that she came to my wife and I after the service and expressed her joy in what we were doing by letting folks know about the 1040 Window in general, and China specifically. You see, Minnie lived for nearly thirty years in China, and had NEVER once heard about Jesus. It wasn’t until she came to the states that she had the opportunity to hear about Jesus, to hear the Gospel, and to trust Jesus Christ as her Savior!

Please pray for Minnie as she still struggles some with her newfound faith and pray for the billons around the world that have never had the opportunity to come to America and hear the Gospel!

Last week my wife and I had the opportunity to be with the Lakecrest Baptist Church family. For many years Lakecrest Baptist Church, was pastored by my dear friend Pastor Marc Dalton. Other than my family, I am not sure I had a friend I would consider closer than Brother Dalton. I sure loved that man. In January, on a cold and snowy Michigan day, Brother Dalton went home to be with The Lord. I had the opportunity to preach a message from John 21:15-22, which God had given me the day after his home going. God moved in a very special way. It was awesome!

Please pray for the Lakecrest Baptist Church family as they seek the face of God for a new pastor and for the Dalton family as they adjust to life without the man they love!

I will be in Northern CA. for the next week or so. Looking forward to being with the Harvest Baptist Church family (Pastor Pechardo), the New Hope Baptist Church family (Pastor Maricle), and the Hopewell Baptist Church family (Pastor Ray).

Please pray that God will bless the services in these three good churches. Pray that hearts will be stirred!

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