September 2, 2014

This last week has been busy. Last Monday evening I flew into Los Angeles from Detroit. Early Tuesday morning went and picked up a car rental, visited my brother in the hospital, and then drove up to the Fresno area in Central California. On Tuesday evening I preached for my son-n-law and then headed for the Bay Area early Wednesday morning. On Wednesday evening I had the privilege to preach for our dear friend Pastor Winiel Pechardo and the Harvest Baptist Church in Daly City. God is doing something very special there in Daly City. It seems like just yesterday that we were co-laboring in Long Beach. He’s been in Daly City seven years now. Time sure does fly when you are serving Jesus!

Please continue to pray for my brother, his family and my grandson Sammy!

On Thursday I headed to Santa Rosa. I had the opportunity to spend the entire weekend with Pastor Maricle and the New Hope Baptist Church family. Everything got going on Friday night with a late night Men’s Prayer Meeting, I really enjoyed being with the good men of New Hope. Soul-winning on Saturday morning in the projects, one lady was saved, supper with the Maricle’s at their house. Now, that’s an experience! They are a really fun family.

Another Men’s Prayer Meeting on Saturday evening, Sunday school with the teens, preaching service in the morning with the Spanish, lunch with the Spanish pastor and a few of his folks (lots of question answer time there), and preaching the evening service for the English folks. It sure seemed as if God moved in all three of the services. One of the hi-lights on Sunday was a special 4:45 meeting with Pastor and ten of his most committed folks at Starbucks. Not just because it was Starbucks. It was question and answer time. They asked questions about missions, about serving in a restricted nation, and questions about how to have a consistent walk with God. I loved it!

Today, I preached in their Home School chapel service. Just another opportunity to serve the Lord and influence young people. I preached a message on “The Importance of One Decision.” Love serving Jesus! Getting ready to head out to Napa to spend two days with the Hopewell Baptist Church family and my dear friend Pastor Mike Ray. That’s always a treat, and an experience. After Napa, I will be heading off to Southern California to teach and preach at Pacific Baptist Bible College, as well as being in a few churches before leaving for a weekend in Connecticut with the White Oak Baptist Church family and my dear friend Pastor Michael Peslak.

Please pray for safety as I travel and that God will continue to use my feeble efforts to open eyes concerning the 10/40 Window and to stir folks for greater devotion to The Person and purpose of Jesus Christ!

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